Saturday, November 3, 2012

24 hour count down...!

The kids slept great! Izrael went 6pm to 5:30 am! Our day began a tad early but it's all good!We are right on track for the local time.

It's 6:30am Sunday morning here...3:30pm Saturday afternoon at home in WA :)

We are packing up and headed to breakfast at 8.  We have our train tickets and AZlan is SOOOOO excited as he loves trains :)

We arrive in Nanjing 2:45 and our guide meets us there.

We will then receive details on when and where we meet Taizi.  I honestly can't believe it. As hasn't sunk in. As feels like a dream.  Could we really be hours away from holding our precious little prince Taizi...?

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