Sunday, November 4, 2012

9 years.

So 9 years ago from this moment- I was pacing around a tiny apartment with my heart pounding for all that was to come. 9 years ago today we went to the hospital and a few hours later- our first born child was born. Nov 6- beautiful Tirzah Liberty.
Here we are. Exactly 9 years later. Pacing around a tiny hotel room. Our hearts pounding for all that is to come. We are half a planet away from home, yet this place will always hold a piece of our hearts. Our 8th child is coming home today. To say God made something beautiful out of our dust is such an understatement. ♥.

Today is also Orphan Sunday in the US. Well tonight the world will have one less. ♥

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  1. Super excited that today is the big day. Just heading to bed now knowing that you are hours away from your dear son. May God bless you all richly.