Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Feeling SO much better. The worst flu combined with being very very sick with a pregnancy = I thought I was dying :( It was really bad.  I haven't shook like that ever.  I couldn't get warm and as soon as I did, I was sweating. Yet no fever. It was weird.

Anyway...that all stopped abruptly this morning and I'm back to just plain being sick and I can handle that much easier!

We've laid low this morning, I didn't do breakfast so I stayed and packed.  Our bags get picked up at 9:30 am tomorrow and we leave for the airport at 10 am. Our flight isn't til 1:30 or so.  Our fly from Seattle TO Korea was 12h10m. Our from FROM Korea to Seattle is 9h40m.  ? No questions here I'm so excited to be losing a couple hours! ;)  We do have almost 3 hours in Seattle but supposedly MUCH of that is taken up with immigration because of the adoption.  I don't remember that being a long process coming home from Zambia but we'll see.

We arrive in Pasco 2:27pm on Thursday. Of course Lord willing. Everything we do is Lord willing.  It's not something we just say...it's the way we live.

Thank you all for praying for us especially these last few days. Taizi still isn't back to himself as he's not eating much at all. The other kids seem to be back to normal and we are thankful this was a 36h fever deal instead of something worse.

Perhaps we'll get out of the hotel for a while for some 'fresh air'.

A sad reality. The last several days Dean has run out to 7-11 or Starbucks alone and each time he's been approached. Either to buy Cocaine, approached by prostitutes and this morning approached by men who handed him a business card that looked professional about massage until it included "sex and massage".  Seriously.  What strikes me is they wouldn't be approaching "american business looking man walking out of a 5 star hotel" unless it worked.

This world needs Jesus.

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