Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 11.

I get a lump in my throat just thinking that we are not even half way through this journey.  It's all going great til I realize there are 13 more days away from our children.  How did I ever do this solo in Africa...? :(

Today started amazing. Izrael and Azlan slept til 7. Meaning we are finally fully on local time!!

We made it just in time for breakfast b/c I slept really late. I guess 10 mornings of waking at 4:30 or 5...finally caught up with me...? :)

Breakfast was good. Another buffet. The view was amazing. It looks like Florida except I've never stayed in a 5 star resort in Fl. I just imagine this is what it looks like...sans the beach.  After breakfast we came upstairs to dress more appropriately for going outside in the heat. The moment we walked outside Izrael was asleep.

We walked all around the grounds looking at the amazing fish in the stream as well as the gorgeous waterfalls.  Azlan was loving it! Taizi looked like he was focusing on the fish a few times.

We walked around for quite a bit checking out the area. We stopped at a grocery store and got water, milk, more rice for Taizi's formula and a few other things.  Oh. Kinder eggs!!! They looked very different ... and they were! such a fun treat for the kids at only $1 a piece.

We came home and bathed all the kids. The humidity combined with the flight last night...they all needed a bath. Dean put his feet in there and Taizi rested on Dean's legs. At first he wasn't loving it...but did ok in the end.

He loves when I massage his arms and legs with ltion when he gets out. He laid perfectly still.

He has had so many bottles today! We are not doing them near as thick as the orphanage was...but honestly there's no nutrition in the rice...the nutrition is in the formula. They were filling it with rice so that it filled his belly but gave him very little nutrition.  We are still using rice but it's very runny.

Tonight we went out to a restaurant we heard lots about. Total honestly was hard for me to sit there with the most horrible customer service ever.  We waited forever for a menu.  Then no one came back. When they did...they couldn't communicate at all (all the greeters to the restaurant had great English...?). So she sent someone else.  He managed. We ordered and half of the food was great, half was awful.  I was so glad to leave.  :(

It was pouring when we left the restaurant. And yah. We were the only ones without umbrellas :)  We are now home and kids in bed.

Taizi was so cute tonight he laid on my shoulder in front of the big mirror and I could see his big dimple. He had his hand on my back and was just smiling.

Tomorrow we meet other Lifeline families, we are looking forward to that.

13 more to go...cannot wait to be reunited as a family.

(sorry to say but one picture just took 10 minutes and it was only half loaded :( So it doesn't appear photos will work on this slow wifi here in Guangzhou. I will keep trying!)


  1. You will have to message me the restaurant. I'm curious now. :) Upload your photos to Shutterfly or another share site and then link the album in your post. It's much quicker and you don't even have to have VPN for it.

  2. so glad you had a good day... Love the image you left us with Taizi's head on your shoulder - smiling. Nice to hear you're meeting up with other Lifeline families soon.
    I'm sitting here looking at the little picture of Taizi on his rocking horse... and am SO THANKFUL he is in your arms now. Soon precious little Zihao will be there too. Praying along with you... and for your kiddos at home. lots of love to you.

  3. Hey there...
    It was so great to meet you all down at breakfast this morning!! We loved reading through your blog and seeing how God has brought these two little boys to you! :) We'll be praying as you have your 2nd Gotcha Day tomorrow!!
    God bless,
    Adam & Ginny Schrader

  4. Adam and Ginny!

    Awesome meeting you guys too. Your daughter(S) are adorable!! Just added your blog to my list :)