Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2 Nanjing

Our day has been amazing.  

The children have been amazing.

Izrael fell asleep in her stroller while signing paperwork at 10am and slept all the way til 12:30 when we had to wake her to meet our guide!  

Taizi had an incredible night and incredible morning. We are feeding him more than he's had in his life and what a difference in his contentment.  No whining, no moaning, no singing, just contentment.  When he woke this morning we gave him 2.5 bottles. His bottles are very very thick. Like thicker than baby food by quite a bit.  So much rice cereal w/ the formula  But...he's 3.5 years old.  He cannot just have a 4oz bottle every few hours. :(   He stops when he's full.  

At 12:30 we met Savor downstairs for our outing. Dean and I requested a river cruise in lieu of a museum (let me introduce the most non-museum mama ever...;).  She said that was ok we just had to pay.  It was only $20 total and SO worth it.  The kids loved it and so did we!!

After that we went through the market.  Savor took us to her favorite spot.  We bought gifts for Tirzah and Azahria which they will LOVE....then went and bought the most beautiful gift for the Hills who so generously are watching our children and more importantly LOVING our children for 23 days.  I'm so excited about this gift for them.  

Then we came home.  Dean went and got us a coffee and the kids mcdonalds.  Yes its' around the corner and while nasty..is fool proof.  We seem to be doing only 2 meals a day b/c of how stuffed we are from the buffet breakfast.  

Evening gets interesting. Taizi comes alive and I put him on the floor..and can he ever move!!!! He crawls VERY fast and totally knew where he wanted to go. This morning I had introduced him to the full size mirror and he was fascinated. He crawled right back there and went into fits of laughter at himself.  He seems to have no interest in the children at al. it's like he doesn't even see them and we think more and more that he doesn't hear them.  

Then eventually he started crying.  And it's such a strange cry.  :(  It's this lost forlorn cry that is so mournful :(  We tried feeding him...no.  He cried so hard that he started hitting himself. Dean is so amazing with him here...he holds him firm and he relaxes and stops.  Dean noticed how he was sweating...his face was literally dripping...and his circulation was very strange. Half of his face was beat red and the other half stark white.  Dr. Bledsoe may be right. she thinks he has serious heart disease...:(

We are putting him in a routine with a bath before bedtime.  We did that and he did this mournful singing tonight vs the laughing and splashing yesterday.  We took him out and lotioned him up...nice jammies and got his bottle ready.  Put him in bed and what a difference from yesterday!! We never heard a peep! He was asleep in minutes with the bottle in his mouth (nothing comes out without his sucking...it's so thick.)  A few minutes later he rolled to his tummy and has been snoring every since.  

Izrael went in her crib just about 2 minutes before him and same thing. Not a peep.  

Dean went and bought a chicken sandwich from KFC for him and I and we sat by the door (so as to not disturb any of the 3 sleeping babies) and ate it. It was funny :)  

Have I said how I love that man?  

My heart has been in turmoil all day.  I don't feel peace. "feel" was very key.  My heart aches for Taizi and yet so much of me wonders about the future.  I keep crying out to God and all I hear is the quiet whisper of "Janice...do you trust Me...? Haven't I proven myself trustworthy to you...?" and I feel so pathetic in that moment.  AHhh indeed.  More than trustworthy.  

Dean has been a rock. Peace? 100%.  

This was God's plan..,not ours.  Don't focus on the circumstances.  Focus on that God knew and knows.  And is 100% in control.  


Good night friends.

Playing with him in his crib :)

Savor and Azlan on our river ride :)

Yes the water is so dirty but there's something so beautiful about it.

Izrael LOVED it!

He sat without a peep in his stroller and played with his hands the entire 1 hour ride :(

The other side of the table :)



The market :) So pretty with the lanterns!

Mama tickling him. He is extremely ticklish. So much so that after you stop tickling him if you come near him he's still squirming with giggles!

So sad :( This is his hip where his diaper velcros. It's on both sides of his body. In real life it looks like it's been burned over and over.  Any idea what caused it...? :(


  1. It looks like his diaper has been rubbing him raw and it never healed, which made it "scar" like that. Possibly from each diaper being on for too long. We are so thankful you have one of your precious sons. We're praying for you, and for your family.

  2. Cameron and Erin St. ClairNovember 6, 2012 at 7:25 AM

    Oh Janice...we have been praying for your family!! And we've shed tears. My girls are so concerned and we look forward to your updates/pictures. We send hugs ((( ))).

  3. Oh, Janice! My heart breaks! But my heart sings for joy that this precious child is rescued! I thank God that you and Dean have opened your ears to hear God and your hearts to love these precious children. I sincerely hope that one day I can meet your sweet family. God bless you all. Love you!

  4. Thank you all. And to the many many who have written us privately in rennes to this post. The scars do not seem consistent with that Kylie and its with terror that I say that.

  5. Janice,
    Adoption is not for the faint at heart. This will pass, just rest in knowing that Jesus will heal this little one from the inside out and let your heart grieve with him. That is what a good mama should do, you should not FEAR that is from Satan, but grieve is good. Taizi will heal better knowing you are hurting with him and that his grieve so deep in his soul is something real that needs to come our and be healed by our Lord Jesus.
    I am so happy your husband is the kind, patient father he is, what an awesome team you are together.
    My mama heart hurts for him and the lack of "life" he had for 3 1/2 years. I am so praising Jesus he won't go back to that and has your family. Praying here for you,

  6. Janice and Dean. I have been looking through your pics and reading about your journey and think you are truly their angels. You can see the transformation already. Taizi so needed to be saved, that is very clear. Thank you for being so courageous and completely selfless to take on what most would not even consider.

    Keep on doing what you are doing. You are doing something very right. God bless

    Sincerely your Canadian cheerleaders Kristen, John, Nicholas and jack Cathcart xoxoxo