Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 2 Shanghai (day 3 of trip)

I forget what time our day started today but it wasn't too bad. Our night was strange b/c we had this 5 hour (unplanned) nap yesterday which really delayed getting to bed. We all laid down for 'an hour' at 5pm and woke at 10. oooops. So we went out and started walking.  Azlan, out of nowhere vomited on the sidewalk. It was totally strange (a child who has never ever had a stomach flu in his life) and when I asked what happened he answered that "I just think China is very stinky and the stinky air makes me sick". He does have a very sensitive nose and while we haven't found it too bad...he keeps letting us know when it doesn't smell good outside.  (We've seen no sign of sickness since). 

Here we are this morning pretending we know what we are doing in the subway station! Yah. It was mobbed and one was offering us much assistance. We figured it out ;)

People's square

Upper class area...

And this was right around the corner!

Little Izrael has been a dream. Just lays her head back and sleeps in her stroller.

Up close of bamboo scaffolding. I'm sure it's rock solid but ... wow!

Here it is!

This was a fun experience. This lady called us into her shoe store and was so warm and smiley. She loved Azlan and he loved her shoes! And..they were not only funky but super cheap so we made her day;)

Nanjing Road which is a famous shopping area--it was mobbed. The children had their pictures taken by more strangers than we can count :)

Azlan was such a trooper all day. We walked from 8am to 5pm.  He never complained. Just held our hands and went for it. Got a little piggy back ride with Daddy in Nanjing Road.

We then headed to the Bund. I loved this. Then again I love the water. Even if its very dirty...I just loved it.  

We took the little ferry across.

Kisses for a silly Izrael!

On one of our walks we stopped for a picture

A poster showing how the towers will be...the one in the middle is currently the tallest in Shanghai-- we went to floor 52 (it has 77)

Here is the one depicted in the poster...that will totally be a giant! Here it is in progress. Amazing.

Had to post this pic! In the World Financial Center (that center tower above) this was by the toilet....I laughed so hard. Especially when Azlan was like "can I try it?" :)

Kristina...this is for you :) Not what you were thinking hahaha. My first poutine in years..only get it in Canada and we get it in China!!! :)

Izrael and Daddy having a sweet moment at the Canadian restaurant in the World Financial Center

Headed to the Oriental Pearl...Azlan loved the dragons!!

Daddy and the kids

We went in the World Financial Center and just pushed the elevator to flor 52. The guard was watching us snap pics away then finally came over with a smile and nicely told us it was offices and we had to go. No problem :)  Love this pic of Izrael looking out at the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Azlan loved this tree on our way home.

So we are home. Izrael went to bed at 6pm and she should sleep til 6am. Azlan 'wasn't tired' so I gave him the iPad in bed and few minutes later his face was on it...and he was snoring :) 

Dean went back and got train tickets tonight...we leave tomorrow at 12 noon to Nanjing...Taizi's provincial capital. There our guide will meet us after we got off the bullet train in Nanjing and our solo wanderings are over :)

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  1. Thank you for posting so many great pics, I will show them to Hope & Hannah tomorrow (when they are awake!) I love visiting China vicariously through you!