Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 2 with Zihao

Everyone except Zihao was awake by 7:30.  I woke him so he could have a bath before breakfast.  He seemed a bit unsure in the bath but Azlan speaks this language they both just laughing.  It's amazing.  :)

We went down for breakfast ready for our morning signing paperwork.  At breakfast Zihao was hesitant.  He was very quiet and polite. I gave him noodles which he finally started eating a few minutes before we had to go.

We look a little bit crazy here with 2 strollers and the one walking is really small :) When they hold up 4 fingers we just smile and nod. and nod :)

Paper work was done in the same room where we first met Zihao yesterday. There was zero trauma he was happy as can be and just played.

The notary lady told us "you have my utmost respect" when she asked how many children this made.

Dean and I were talking about our blog a few days ago and how many 'adoption blogs' turn into very cause-driven blogs. I'm not saying it's all bad.  It's just not what we see the purpose of our blog being.  We really want this blog to be about surrender.  I have said it before...and we believe it. That not every family is being called to adoption. (However...every christian is being called to care for the widow and fatherless! So whether that is financially supporting a couple that is called to adopt, sponsoring orphans, etc). But everyone of us is being asked to surrender in a certain area of our life.  God's call on our life was to surrender our family and answer His call to adoption.  It was very specific. It wasn't our idea. Our dream. Our vision for our life. At all.  It was His plan. We surrendered.

Many of you have written us private notes about how this blog has convicted you of areas on your life that you haven't been willing to surrender.  How it is convicted you of what faith really means.

We are no different than you.  We had the same feelings. The same walls up. The same "no, not us, Lord!" responses.  The same fear of man. The same unsupportive circle of influence. The responses we dreaded...we got. It wasn't easy. Not in the beginning, nor now.

It's not surrender unless you have to let go.  Hands up. Give up. White flag high. Surrender. His plans are always better. Yes we look crazy. But we aren't.  Yes life changed dramatically for us (not sure if that happened after 7 or after 4). Hotels for a family of 11...? Maybe not.  But this is our life. The one He had planned for us.  And that brings Peace.

We pray as you read our story you will raise your own white flag. To what you know God is asking of you.  Ok Lord...I'm done fighting. I'm done holding on to my stubborn pride.  I'm willing.

I surrender.

This was so cute. Dean handed Taizi the magnifying glass and he knew what to do with it!

Oh he is so adorable!!

Zihao and his new blanket! It's a family thing...everyone (kids) has a personalized blanket. I think crazy adorable dinosaurs was the perfect fit for him!

Good morning!!

Azlan at breakfast ;)

Zihao at breakfast with his noodles.

Ack...he's precious!

Azlan has grown up over night. From the baby boy at home, to the big brother here!

How cute is this?? They did this all on their own :)

He adores Azlan!

Highlight! Skyping the kids back home <3 p="p">


  1. The photos with all 4 children playing and giggling, absolutely adorable! Azlan easing the transition, completely on purpose!

  2. You mentioned the 'fear of man' being a hindrance to our own surrender to God - which is surprising and true. Most of us would feel we're confident people and independent thinkers...yet we are terrified of being laughed at or considered odd. At the end of the day we still want to 'fit in'. I think if we could let go of that fear of man we would seriously find ourselves 'fitting in' - right into God's incredible, crazy plans for our lives!
    p.s. Love how Azlan is taking his big brother role so seriously and with such care. God really did mean for him to be on this trip, especially for Taizi and Zihao.

  3. well said. And I think most people, if polled, would guess we've given up on that long ago...yet it's always the biggest hindrance. Really sad. So hard for us to see by faith...the real picture. Instead we focus on the 'average', the 'norm' and the 'expected'. Fear of man and fear of rejection were the biggest killers for me. And yes...some people said what we feared. And it felt like our fears were a reality. Except we knew we were right where God wanted us. In your words: "in God's incredible, crazy plans for our lives".
    xox friend.

    Oh..aren't we glad we brought Azlan. He has been amazing.

  4. The last picture made me cry...I bet those precious bundles at home are hardly able to contain their joy and excitement to finally meet their brothers and have mommy and daddy home with them :) I love technology that allows them to see you...All the best...I can totally understand how hard it must be to be separated from half of your family...
    Rachel Thibodeau

  5. Gwen I agree and its the biggest hinderance to me personally. Still plugging away at it but its not easy.

  6. Leanna~it always comes down to a such a very simple choice. Oddly enough. We fight it and fight it and in that moment of surrender it's not something you feel...or even have peace about but you know it's right and you do it. For us in this journey...God proved Himself faithful over and over and was as if He opened the flood gates of Heaven the moment we said "Yes Lord".
    Then we knew we didn't need anyone else's approval. His was all that mattered.

  7. :) well said. Thank you Janice!

  8. awww...without seeing that picture of Zihao on the left side of your blog, you would never know he had a cleft lip :-)He is just too cuuuuuuute! So glad to see Taizi come alive...he just needed his mommy and daddy to come get him xo

  9. Love the pictures with the kids all together. Zihao is super handsome! So grown up from his baby pictures. Taizi looks like he is flourishing with you all and he isn't even official "home" yet! I can't wait to see what he's doing in a year!

  10. Its already been said but it seems like the trip was perfectly planned with Dean bonding so closely with Taizi; Azlan with zihao; and izrael would have changed&grown too much for mamas heart to handle ;) thanks for sharing about the fear of man on your journey. Its easy to assume you don't struggle with things like that&just walk in thanks for that reminder!