Thursday, November 1, 2012

First leg

We just landed in Korea.

The flight was 11hr 10 minutes.  We had great seats.  Kids were awesome. Flight was very smooth except for a 45 minute period that was pretty rough.

However.  I panicked.  Not even at the rough part. I panicked when it hit me that this is for real.  We are really going to the other side of the planet from our 5 other kids for 23 days.  And I lost it:(.

We are here and I couldn't be happier.  The flight to Shanghai is 2 hours and I'm dreading it. Kids are so tired.  It's middle of the night for us and we are pretty much delirious.  We have taken turns catching cat naps all day while the other one watches the kids.

Azlans ears were really hurting during landing ( yes while drinking, chewing etc). He is doing better now.

I was so Glad I packed him extra clothes in his backpack since we were waiting in line for the bathroom on the plane- he didn't make it:(. Poor guy.

Service on Korean Air was second to none.  Really amazing.

Saying goodbye to Daddy :(

At the Hill's house...quiet moment

Our plane

They look great for what time it is! Just landed in Korea and Azlan was so excited to tired.

Ahhh poor baby said "night night" so many times asking for her bed. Well she finally got it!
To each of you that sent me special texts and emails letting me know you were praying for us- it means more than you know.


  1. All of those feelings you have been having are completely normal! You are a momma and your heart goes with each and everyone of your kiddos. I know they are in loving arms but it's still hard to leave them. Praying the rest of your journey went smoothly and you were all able to rest up. Not much longer now and your heart will expand even more when you get to kiss and smell and hold those sweet little boys for the first time! I love your heart and am praying for you!!