Friday, November 16, 2012


Today was more low key.  Breakfast then we met in the lobby for a tour. We regret not opting out of the tour and doing some of the things we have been wishing for a free day for...but oh well.  It was to the Chan Academy and I'm just not a history buff and with little kid friendly activities. This wasn't it :)

However we were with a fun crew so that made it all good.

Afterward we headed back and 2 of the little kids slept for a few hours.  I went out with a friend and the other kids to the play room. Once Izrael woke we all met and went shopping for a bit then went to an amazing Italian restaurant. Yes...who knew! :)

We were sad that the other family's new baby had a total melt down at that time so they got their food to go. We may try it again though b/c it was really good.

A few things we noticed today: Taizi is more relaxed each day. As in when we put him in his stroller, his arms go limp by his side. That's a very new thing. He always had hands in front of his face. Always. Even until a few days ago (when in the stroller).

We communicate great with Zihao who is mister personality. Very shy unless he trusts you but he clearly trusts us :) He is so loud, I'm curious to see what his hearing results are when we get home. Not sure ... but he's Azlan-loud.  He's a very strong personality but listens very well to Dean and I when we speak in a firm voice (which apparently his foster mom did).  He tells us he has to go potty by loudly grunting and wacking either the front or back of his pants. Yes, sir...that's how he does it! :)

I say it over and over and over again but Azlan...what a gift. He is either holding Zihao's hand or pushing a stroller or carrying something and has never once complained.  This child went from being baby of the family to the big boy here. We get comments on him all the time that other families "wish they had an Azlan with them" :)  I've seen him give his toys, his favorite toys to Izrael or Zihao a few times and say "promise you'll give it back" ;)  I can't say how perfect it was for us to bring him.  Not for what he's DONE for us but for how it's helped him. A few times him and I have had a real good laugh. Like tonight. Zihao handed him some random object then walked away. As soon as he did, Azlan threw the toy on the other side of the room and shrugged his shoulders.  I caught his eye and smiled and he started giggling and giggling as he kept re-enacting what happened. He was saying "seriously...did you see that thing? I didn't want that" and he couldn't even get the words out he was laughing so hard.  And in all of our 'little children' moments here lately...we had a big kid moment and laughed and laughed.  I cheered him for politely taking it from Zihao and not throwing it til he wasn't looking :)

He has Madagascar 2 on the iPad and tonight he was watching it and say "man I love this lion guy. His name is Azlan. I'm named after him. He's the best!" :) hahah...well it wasn't the time to tell him he wasn't named after THAT lion ;)

So I'm hearing lots of snoring which is a good thing. Taizi has been falling to sleep later and later. The good news is he's more and more comfortable and he'll fight bedtime. We do notice when we turn all lights off he panics. So sad. So one goes back on.

Tonight I feel the pain of being away from the children so strong. I just plain hurt and the hurt is so familiar.  Besides trusting my God to keep us all has helped the most to see how much fun they are having with the Hills.  We are so indebted to them for this amazing gift.  I love you Tirzah, Zion, Zunduka, Chazano and little Azahria Peace.  Counting down!!

Here's a few pics of our day.

Our group on the tour today.  Dean was taking the pic.  The lady beside me in purple has the sweeeeeetest little baby ever she just melts me.  The ones other side of me...have become great friends of ours. The ones on the far right side of the picture with the 2 teenage girls...amazing family. 3 grown children and God called them to 2 14 year old girls that were moments away from being unadoptable due to their age. I think I tear up every time I see them.


The best part of the tour day: chatting haha. Could've done it anywhere...but oh well.

The sweet sweet girls talking to Izrael.  Seriously how could you not look at them and think "how blessed are you all?" they are just a few months apart in age and so beautiful!

Guongzhou tonight :)


  1. A fun post :) I love hearing of Azlan's experience on this trip too...
    THe family that adopted the 2 14 year olds... wow. I just want to hug them and THANK THEM.... what happens to 14 year olds (still kids!) who age out?! So sad... thankful these 2 have been rescued and are loved. :)

  2. Oh I love their mom, Janna! She's just gold! We had a good talk today on the bus and she was saying she had major break through moments last nigh with them. WHen they age out they are unadoptable and just move out of orphanage and often into group homes etc til they can make it on their own. Totally rescued.

  3. Great meeting you guys in Guangzhou! With regard to lights at night, one of the things I read prior to our trip said that many of the children in an orphanage have never slept in complete darkness because the nannies need to be able to check on them in the night. Sounds like that may have been the case with Taizi.