Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Heart breaking.

Thank you for all of your feedback--most of it privately.  After reading about very sad practices often done in Chinese orphanages with "potty training"... The marks on little Taizi are consistent with that. I feel nauseated.  My palms are clammy.  I go to swallow and my mouth is dry.

What oh what have you felt....thought....cried....my child?

Going back to the original Bible verse God used so clearly to call us to him:

Rescue those being led away to death
Hold back those staggering towards the slaughter.

Prov 24.

Hold his heart, Father.  Hold his heart.

Many of you have asked to see a comparison of size of Izrael (20m) and Taizi (3.5 years).  She's significantly taller and so much bigger. HIs thighs even look larger in this photo than real life. :(  We're working on it! ;)


  1. wow... I just want to hug him. and you.

    I know he will flourish under your love and care... and the Father knows what He is doing. Praying!

  2. Poor little Taizi... so happy his days of suffering without the love of parents are over. Praying for you all.

  3. Sent via email..
    Oh Janice..my heart hurts for you guys. He is so so precious and has endured so much more than I can or even want to imagine.

    I saw you wrote about not having peace in the moment you wrote your blog & I am so grateful for your honesty. Many would not write that. I wondered what you would encounter in actually holding these lil ones in your arms and the reality behind the pics the orphanage had sent you.

    All my heart says is I don't know what the future holds for these lil ones..especially Taizi, or the journey for you, Dean, and your family...but you have been chosen. All u can do is be available and willing. God has already done so much to clear the path for you. This journey is more painful than many would be willing to bear. But God knows that together you will have the strength &resources to help these adorable lil guys. Whatever "help" means for them. And along the journey, whereever it may lead, many will be touched and moved by the faith and love you share worldwide. Also with being willing to love & help the hurting, you will relate with others that have had to do the same or share with those that can't imagine life outside their picket fences.

    My heart is so happy, excited, sad, mad, and a lil fearful of what you may have to face, but I just have faith that you are where you are supposed to be. And to be honest I have very little faith in much anymore. But your journey is incredibly inspiring.

    Luv u tons! Just had so much emotion inside I was gonna burst if I didn't share ;)