Monday, November 5, 2012


This little tiny tiny baby boy with a very fast heart rate (168 while laying down drinking this morning...) may just need some heart help as Dr Bledsoe expects....but he has given so much heart help.

How can one little frail struggling child ... Melt so many hearts...?

Seeing my handsome husband sit and rub his belly for hours...

Seeing him pick up his little boy and hold him in a tight squeeze to give him the security his whole soul outwardly he hits his own little face...

Seeing him lay on the bed with him and as Taizi focuses on his hand motions super close to his face... Instead of any frustration Dean holds his hands over his face in the same motions and they do it together until Taizi grabs Deans fingers instead...

Hearts changed.

All I can think when I look at him is God is using him to soften the hearts of so many.  We live in an oh-so-perfect world don't we?   And if you are not WITHIT your WITHOUTIT.  yet only the 1% are WITHIT.  That means you are responsible for so much more.

Everytime I look into those eyes I hear Jesus (the King) saying "whatever you did for the least of did for Me". Matthew 25:40

The song Jesus In Disguise keeps going thru my head.

This is our son.  Taizi Tommy Walker.

Found at the gate of the hospital in Taizhou City.

Made in the likeness of his creator.

With a purpose.

He's already changed my heart in these last 14 months.  As I've watched God break my heart for the "least of these".

He's broken. He's hurting. He traumatized.

Healing will come.  Healing will come.

Melt my heart. Daddy doing what it takes to bond with his baby boy.

Taizi loves rubbing Daddy's face! (this photo shows serious progress in 24 hours..yesterday we couldn't even hold him as he ate. Only him laying flat by himself!)

Ready to go sign official paperwork!!

Izrael sitting with "her baby" :)

Mama and baby Taizi Tommy!



  1. Sitting next to Izrael makes you realize just how small he is. Praying for more bonding today!

  2. I was going to say the exact same thing as Tera. Amazing!

  3. We'll do a picture with them both in the diapers tomorrow side by sad. He's almost unbelievably tiny :(