Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Zihao's Gotcha Day!!

How can we ever forget that adorable little boy with the light in his eyes in that first file photo. We said "no we were looking at a girl" and 3 times Lifeline mentioned this little boy "ethan".  I thought she was crazy.  Does she not hear me? When she sent us his file, we just connected.  It still took several days of God saying over and over and over..."this is the one. This is the time. This is My plan."

The life and light in his eyes is the most beautiful thing. To see how he has been cared for and loved...we will be forever grateful.

Today is the day Zihao.  Today is the day.

While we celebrate One 2:30 today with just our little group from Lifeline...there will be 7 less orphans in the world at 2:30 pm today. Amazing.

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