Thursday, November 1, 2012

Night 1.

After paying outrageously for a taxi from the airport (we took my brother's advice who lived her 4 years which was "pay full price for NOTHING...even in a store that you think is all fixed prices...never pay full price". We got him down a bit...but seriously.

We are in Shanghai!

Our flight from Soeul, Korea was amazing.  We could see down the entire way and it was so super smooth. Izrael was delirious ... which interpreted to silly.  So she was perfect. Azlan slept most of it as did Dean.

When we landed our 'gate checked strollers' were instead delivered with the checked bags. All good right? Until you saw how far we had to go!! Azlan was completely we sat him on a suitcase on our cart leaning on DEan's shoulder as we walked...snoring. Izrael was out of it completely in my arms. We had to go FOREVER before we saw baggage. was all there. Strollers and all!!

We got to our hotel...asked for a crib for Izrael (who was snoring in the umbrella stroller) and a few minutes later we were all tucked in.

Oh we took 2 umbrella strollers for this trip and we can't tell you how much that second one has been worth so far! Yes Azlan is 6 and a giant and NO my 6 year olds have never gone in a stroller. But take one that is so sleep deprived and jet lagged...and it was amazing through the airports!! He was just about falling over so much of the time, can't imagine not having it.

We have been told about especially how in province (Nanjing) the staring will feel pretty intense.  Well Shanghai airport last felt intense.  People would walk by, stop right in front of the strollers w/ Azlan and Izrael were sleeping and just stare.

My thoughts are all over the place here so bear with me :) Korean Air was amazing. What an experience. Their motto is "excellence in flight" and they live to it!  We were treated like first class. In fact on last night's quick flight it ended up being only 1 hour 40 minutes (thats like Pasco to SLC) and we got a full hot meal. Azlan received a kids meal everytime we were served and they were so fun!  From hot dogs and oreos to chips and speghetti...he was well fed!
Dean scored on one of the meals and I did not :) We had a choice of 3. I had rice and some mixture. I determined if only we could eat like that this entire trip with no American food...then I will come home with every last unwanted pound off.  :) Seawood soup and I'm not sure what else I had but from then on I didn't eat at all. My stomach was constantly flipping from being extremely overtired and missing our kids.   The staff never stopped smiling and were extremely efficient.  The planes were huge, pretty full and we were always amazed at how quickly we were in the air.

I'm a ponderer...and I always find it quite staggering to think that here we are on the other side of the planet.  What an incredible day and age we live in.  That we can just hop on a plane (one that is MASSIVE) and fly through the air and here we are. Just like that.

You may remember but here in Shanghai we are on our own. We came several days early to get better flights and so while here we can do what we like until we arrive in Nanjing via bullet train on Sunday.

Overall with 2 little kids the trip was a dream.  Being overtired which she never is...because she's on such a great schedule, Izrael could have just been crying nonstop but she was amazing.  Everyone is still sleeping here though a few minutes ago Izrael was talking in her bed ;)

Love to you all.

If you see our 5 children please tell them how brave they are to say goodbye to Mommy and Daddy for so long.  Every one of them have told us how sad they were but this is what you have to do to bring their new little brothers home then lets do it!

Izrael has asked for Azahria so many times. I cried several of them. She puts her hands up as if to say "where did it go" and says "Azahria? Azahria?"

Dean has been amazing.  On the long flight he saw I was losing it and just held my hand as I sobbed. I mean sobbed. I completely lost it. I kept saying "I want to go home..I cannot leave them again..I can't" He was my rock.  When the plane hit turbulence (it doesn't bother him a bit) he was holding me telling me "it's just potholes in the dirt road...pretend we are in the car...they are completely in control" interestingly enough they never put the seatbelt sign on. Dean loved that they werent' seatbelt-sign-happy. Even when landing it was RIGHT before landing that seatbelts were required.

This is our view out of our hotel room this morning :)


  1. When I think of that airport reunion back in the USA, my eyes fill with tears :-) Praying, praying, praying...and really excited you are so so close to those little treasures!!

  2. Continuing to pray for you all. So happy you made it safe and sound if not very tired. Rest up!