Monday, November 26, 2012

Ok so more of an update.

The KIDS and Dean are doing really really well. I'm sicker than sicker than...sick. :(  And sense of smell is so amplified that even if it doesn't does to me.  And if it does stink...ohhhh...

I'll book doctor appts tomorrow morning and then likely work on getting Zihao and Taizi added to the insurance after that.  A little backwards but I think it will work.

Many of you have asked about the shirts Zihao and Taizi were wearing in China that were personalized. I purchased them from and I have to say they are the highest quality, softest, most beautiful fabric ever.  And she does such a fantastic job on all things personalized. Bags, backpacks (she made Azlan and Zihao's backpacks for the trip) as well.

Others have asked about Zihao and Taizi's patch pants outfits. Another favorite seller of mine! She does AMAZING work, all of our clothing is made with upcycled materials (old shirts, scrap fabrics etc) and it's all custom. I have had many things made by her and recently ordered several more as they are the ONLY pants that fit Taizi! is the etsy shop. Check it out and if you purchase be sure to tell both sellers that I sent you!

And I updated my profile for those of you ;) that needed that updated.  Can't build Rome in a day right? :) Baby steps. The unpacking the million and one suitcases actually take priority. :)

My sweet friend and neighbor is doing a gift card adoption shower for us on Saturday.  She is so excited about this and am I! Desserts and coffee and instead of 'gifts' so an adoption is so much different than a baby shower...she is requesting only gift cards.  That way as the children keep growing at record paces...we will have some help along the way ;)  Courteney's number to call or text is 509-554-7484 and her email is if you want to participate from afar.

Again the biggest thank you to those of you that have not only followed our journey but have prayed for us day and night...oh we are so thankful.


  1. Thank you for the shout out and compliments! I was truly honored to help with the shirts for the boys! I'm so thrilled you are all back home safely and under one roof. Keep us posted! God Bless.

  2. Keeping you in prayer... glad the kids seem to be adjusting well. I hope you will be feeling better soon... I can't imagine how hard it must be to feel so miserable with so much going on around you and needing to be done. Praying for YOU. x0x