Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our day.

It started around the same time again. We did breakfast...this morning Taizi would not eat his bottle he just held it. This was quite a change to yesterday have 2.5 upon waking.  He slept 13 hours and I'm more and more sure of significant hearing loss. We can have a full blown party and he doesn't flinch but if you even adjust his blanket he jumps. He's not a heavy sleeper...he just can't hear. That's my analysis.

We came back upstairs to watch the election.


We met Savor at 12:30.

We went to the Jade Factory. This was very interesting. They took us into a back room and served us green tea and offered us unique hand carved pieces at amazing prices ;) Honestly it could have been $5 and it wouldn't have interested me :( I just don't really like it.  It was a fun experience though and the kids were angels.

Then we went to the Nanjing city wall. This was quite a bit of work with 2 babies in strollers :) Dean loved it and so did Azlan!

On the way out, Savor turned to check something out and without hesitation this huge group of people flocked to me.  They never do it when she's looking. They were holding Azlan, grabbing Izrael and snuggling up with me and a zillion cameras were all going at once. It was pretty funny. I was yelling to Savor to save me and she was laughing so hard.

Then we went to the lake.

Oh this was amazing. So so beautiful. The kids had so much fun here too.

Taizi is an angel when we are out. He loves being outside and loves the car.  He just sits and watches everything without a peep.

We came home dinner time and we made bottles for Taizi. ALl day he went on maybe 1 full bottle. Since waking this morning.

Well he was sitting on the bed with Dean and I made a bottle and came over and when he saw me coming (which is interesting b/c his eyes don't look like they are tracking properly but they so are following everything) he immediately laid down to get ready for his bottle it was very cute.  He drank it super fast and I signed "more" to him he kept watching and I made another. Same thing...he immediately flopped over into a laying down position on his face awkwardly trying to get ready for his bottle. We were pretty surprised by this.

Same thing. He ate almost 3 back to back.

 Dean and Azlan went out to get a pizza for dinner. Well he freaked when I put him in his crib. And by freaked I don't mean just cry ... I mean hitting himself so hard it was just SLAP SLAP slAP slAP slAP it's the most awful noise. I'm making the bottle as fast as I can (it's a complicated process) and brought it  into his bed. Well same process he took 2 back to back!  So really 5 bottles within 1.5 hours. Yes. but he had none all day. So strange.  He's been snoring ever since.

On the note of intake ... his outtake is very inadequate. I'm no doctor but he can be in one of these cheap (non absorbent) diapers all day and at the end of the day I still have to toss it to feel if its wet! Izrael pees in it once and it's just about leaking. I'm not sure what that means but do know that Dr Bledsoe is very concerned about his kidneys.

Right before Dean went for food I crumbled.  Sobbing.  We missed Tirzah's birthday (such an emotional thing for me as a mama) and with the quick count in my head I realized we are not even half way through our China stay yet.  And with that comes a moment of panic.  I looked out the window...the city so huge.  High rises as far as I can see. My family on the other side of the planet.  Panic.  Dean came close and hugged me and in the cutest fashion ever Izrael dropped what she was doing and came over and put her hand on my back patting it saying "sorry Mama sorry mama" in a whispered tone.  :)

And it's ok.  It's all ok.

This timing scared me from the get-go. 23 days...?

So tomorrow we meet Savor in the lobby at 8am sharp. We drive for 2.5 hours to Taizi's orphanage.  I don't feel settled about this but it's such an important part of his story and it's something we must do. It is, as Dean says, a once in a lifetime opportunity and we must seize it. I'm so glad Dean is here to make that decision for us b/c based on emotion right now...? No. Way.

Then we drive another 30 minutes to find his "finding spot".  Where he was found...wrapped in a shoe box outside the gate of the hospital.  This is very important to both of us.  Healing begins here.

Friday we fly to Guangzhou at 6pm. We are told it's a very short flight like less than 2 hours.  Good!  Saturday is Taizi's medical exam in Guangzhou (which is the climate of Florida by the way). Then Monday morning is our gotcha with little Zihao.

From Nanjing...good night friends.

Azlan running up the Nanjing wall.

Savor and I chatting while on top over looking the city!

Little Taizi holding Savor's hand. She said his  behaviors are "that of a child I would call very inside of himself. He only plays with himself and never notices others. very very sad". I would agree :(

Azlan's highlight :)

At the lake! These ribbons are hung on these trees with good luck messages written and engaged couples come here for luck

Azlan and I picking out which candy design he should get made!

This was pretty awesome to watch! And it cost less than $1

The city from the lake!

Me with a giggling Taizi! See his smiling eyes?

The family that's here with us!

Cuddling with Mama


Izrael was so cute. I can't imagine if we had left her home. She has started to talk while here in 2 and 3 word sentences...cutest thing ever! The whole way on this walk she was saying "bye bye boats....bye bye tree. Bye bye all-wet (lake :)" :)


Us at the entrance to the Nanjing Lake!


  1. prayers continue for you all. Love the photos of you holding Taizi!

  2. Praying still....especially for your time at the orphanage. I wish I could give that little sweetheart a hug!! He is just too adorable :-)