Saturday, November 17, 2012


Sorry running out of names for posts ;)

Today we all woke at 9am. Yes I just said that. Amazing right? So is. Unless you are meeting your group in the lobby at 9:30! Yes...that's us!  We were waking kids like crazy. I was throwing outfits out in the living room for Dean to dress kids and do make up at the same time.  Only us.

So Dean once again...went to the restaurant and grabbed a ton of fruit for our bus ride.

Think we'd learn..? :)

We loaded the bus, with a few more new families that just arrived yesterday.  We went to the medical appointment zoo place, as Rebecca calls it. Seriously. A zoo.  Families everywhere. Lots of crying. Lots of chaos. Was so thankful for Rebecca telling us all where to go.

We have heard this is pretty low-key. Don't expect to learn anything new...they just check the boxes and you are out of there.

Well the surgeon was NOT happy with Taizi's file. At all.  We took forever in there. We had to get Rebecca and the doctor was very animated and it was pretty easy to see what she was saying.  Rebecca told us she said this file is very very very incomplete.  It says cleft lip and palate and deformity of ears.  The doctor gathered very quickly that Taizi is deaf and severely delayed in many ways. She was appalled that he could not walk and was not eating food at 3.5years.  She also listened to his heart for a long long time and said there is a murmur.  You can feel the murmur with your fingers, I'd love to hear it through a stethoscope! Then we went to the ENT room once we finally left there and same thing. The doctor said "this child...cannot hear".

The good news is ... we knew all that. :)

There is no bad news.

We got out of there near noon and headed to a restaurant where we were all going for 'dumplings'.  It was interesting. SO different than where Taizi's orphanage officials took us in Taizhou City! That place was 5 star compared to today ;)

I had to go around the rooms to our group begging for formula and hot water and etc...b/c you know...we weren't prepared to be out that long and we have no way of doing that yet. Why we haven't just bought a thermos for hot water...I'm not sure. But the trip is almost over.

The food was pretty good.  There was plenty of it that's for sure.  Nothing too out-there came to our table and what we had was good. Our favorite was the potato noodles. They looked like noodles but the texture was definitely not... I guessed onion. :)  And there was a sweet and sour pork that was good.  Zihao ate lots! Azlan's favorite was they served Coke ;)

Azlan wasn't looking good and when we got home he had a fever. So he's stayed inside all day with movies on the ipad and Tylenol.  He looks a lot better tonight. Poor boy. We did a hero-pirade (Thanks Pooh Bear!) on the way back to the hotel for Azlan b/c despite feeling awful ... he still held Zihao's hand and was such a big boy this morning!

I went and did paperwork while Dean stayed with sleeping kids this afternoon.

Tomorrow we go do a bit of local market shopping in the morning...and hopefully wake to have breakfast.  ;)

Dean and Izrael are gone out now to get us food.  Zihao has brought every toy to by one and told me to put it in his back pack. He has it on his back and there is no wondering what he's saying :) He says it with great volume and animation ;) So I've done this now probably 14 times for 14 different toys. Each time I've said "Thank you" knowing that someday he will say it to me.  The last time he turned and said "thank you" as clear as day and lit up with a smile! It was pretty adorable.

Off topic: in Africa I was out of mascara.  In China I apparently fried my expensive flat iron on day one in Shanghai.  So...thus the bad hair days in every picture. However...each morning when I put mascara on I think...I'd rather have mascara over a flat iron ;) Yes. The little things.


  1. Cameron and Erin St. ClairNovember 17, 2012 at 5:47 AM

    Oh Janice!! Getting so very excited for you guys :)WOW..You're going to be coming home soon! Can you believe it? Still praying each day for you and your family. Can you believe that you've passed both your gotcha days and are now "just filling in time"? I bet for the longest time you thought those gotcha days weren't going to come...but they have! WOW!! (((HUGS)))

  2. Sounds so much like us....always late and finding that we are not prepared....:-) i enjoyed this post!!!
    Rachel T

  3. are usually so ahead of the game Janice. But now I imagining clothes, fruit, and kids flying through the air in the race to get ready. Haha!
    It will be interesting to get your own Doctor's verdict on Taizi's hearing, and if there was any possible hope of anything. And how wonderful for Zihao's first solid word, to be "Thank you". Sometimes it takes US a long time to learn that word :)

  4. Love hearing about how they are changing. So thankful the Lord prompted you to take Azlan. He is glowing in his big brother role! Not sure exactly what is going on with Taizi's heart as it could be so many different things causing the murmur but just a little encouragement...sometimes louder doesn't always mean worse. Our cardiologist told us Brielle's murmur may get louder as the holes got smaller.

  5. Tera the Doc at U of W thinks that's what his failure to thrive is. She thinks he has serious heart disease. His profuse sweating, fast heartrate, murmer and the placement of his ears on his head (very low) are all strong indicators. We'll see soon.