Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday and Monday

Yesterday we went shopping at the real Chinese market. It was pretty interesting and we got a few cute things for the kids.  We have figured out that Zihao is exceptionally lazy ;) and though he is a ball of energy...when we go out he wants to be carried. Lovely;) Yes he's lighter than Izrael but still.

We came home and I was so very thankful to come back to the hotel. I think I shook the entire time at the market.

We did dinner with new friends (Breezy Acres Farm Blog on the left of my page). We love them!  I maintained composure until we got home. That's all that matters ;)

I woke in the night shaking. Freezing. And so so sick.  Well I wish I had known I was just getting a 24 hour bug b/c that would have helped. I had chills like never before and was throwing up.  It was lovely.  Dean took the boys (all 3) to the tour this morning where they had their TB test check and went to the zoo.

Oh last night for dinner we tried Zihao in the ergo...he loves it! Sweet. Because Taizi and Izrael sure don't and it was a lot of money!  So His Laziness gets free rides now ;) He giggles when he gets in :)

I stayed home with Izrael and I couldn't even stand up. If she went to the living room, I crawled out to see where she was going. It was awful.  When Dean got home he found some Tylenol and I felt 20x better very quickly :( Good to know I endured that from 4am or so til 2pm for nothing.

When Dean came home from the zoo both Zihao and Taizi had fevers. Taizi's was very high.  He responds very quickly to medication but it's a bear getting it into him! You have to force it b/c he takes nothing besides a bottle.  We did it and his temp went to normal very quickly.

We had our river cruise tonight and we had to choose who was going to go, because someone needed to stay with the little kids they just weren't feeling ok.  Dean opted to stay since I was home all day and I took Azlan.

He had a lot of fun.  A dinner cruise, that I didn't eat on but hey! I got to sit with sweet friends ;)  Then we went upstairs outside and that was perfect for me. Fresh air!

It was a couple hours long and we made it home in time for me to say "hi" and race to the bathroom to get rid of the few bites of corn Rebecca gave me to eat. ;)

Tomorrow morning is our consulate appt. We meet in the lobby at 9am.

At 4pm we go shopping, hopefully we are all ok to do that trek tomorrow.

Sorry for the very short, to the point, blog post took great dedication for me to sit here and type what I did :)

Thanks for all the love you have shown our family especially yesterday when we announced a very surprise #10 is on the way.  It means a lot for us to have such supportive friends.  Thank you.

As a friend messaged me when she read the blog "God took a baby in Africa...and gave one in China. It really is a miracle".  Truly. Is.  Still shocked.

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  1. Thank you Janice for sharing your story, for your honesty and transparrency. Your surrender to God is such an example to each one sharing in your journey through this blog. What an incredible journey God is taking you on. Congratulations on #10!! So amazing. As someone has said "If God has brought you to it, He will bring you through it!!" Praying for you that you will have an uneventful trip home and that this pregnancy you won't be so sick so you can focus on your two new little guys. But God does have a plan, and he knew all along that this is how it would be. Stay strong. Thanks again so much for sharing. God bless your family. Love & Prayers, Sheryl P