Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you.

To each of you that have taken the time to not only read our journey...but to pray and then to pause and write us such heart felt personal notes about what this journey has meant to you...thank you.  I think facebook lost count today. I opened it at one point and it said "6 new messages" but when I opened the message folder there were 12.  It happened again later. Message after message. Email after email.

My promise is to be real. To be genuine.  It's not easy to openly discuss your heart and all the fears that lie within it...in something so personal as this story...with the world.  I do believe however...that transparency is what offers healing and hope to so many.

I hope you are realizing just how ordinary Dean and I truly are. Ordinary people willing to follow Him into the homes of the broken.  Extraordinary things happen when you follow Him.

God always sees the bigger picture. Yes He has a very specific plan of rescue and love for little Taizi.  But there's so much more.  He's moving so many others through Taizi.

I don't feel equipped.

I don't think God wants me to feel equipped.

Then...it's all about me.

I feel pretty weak right about now.

God thrives in my weakness.

When I'm strong...I'm independent (definitely a weakness of mine).

When I'm weak...I run to him.  Arms high...heart abandoned...

Mark Driscoll recently posted on facebook that soldiers hold their hands in the air in surrender.
Children hold their hands in the air to be picked up by their daddy.
Christians hold their hands in the air for both reasons.

My hands are high.

Shine in my weakness, Father.

As I type this Taizi is laying on the floor looking at the ceiling. Azlan just turned all the lights off and went and got the flashlight.  He is shining it all over the wall and ceiling by Taizi. All of his thrashing on the floor just stilled.  He's in awe of the light.

So am I.

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