Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Today was consulate day.  We made it to breakfast with 20 minutes to spare! ;)

We got to the US Embassy and I am oh so glad we made this pregnancy public.  I was not doing well. I was blacking out (lack of food would contribute to that) and kept having to kneel down in our group discussion. Yah.  

We went up stairs and waited for the procedure to begin.  We all said the oath together with our right hands in the air and then we were called up one by one for the officer to go through our documents.  

We met a few new families there which is the fun part of all these official meetings.  Families that are not with our group.  There was one family Dean and I both enjoyed talking to.  They were little people and adopted a little person from the most northern part of China. She was telling me they do ice sculptures in the summer there, it's near Russia! Crazy.  Super sweet people and very connected to the 'little people community'.  

We then got on the bus and came home. Ah bliss. I instantly laid down but was shaking so bad Dean had several towels on me to warm me. I'm not going to lie, the shaking is a little concerning. Our kids all had a 24-36hour fever bug and I'm thinking that's what it is but wow. :(

Everyone napped except Azlan. Yes Taizi's first afternoon nap! Crazy how he doesn't nap, we'll see if once we establish a routine at home maybe he'll start napping.  Zihao naps every day and today, he came home and laid down on his pillow and went to sleep without anyone telling him to.  He is very adorable. Shy but lots of personality under that shy little face.  At one point at the consulate today he wandered a bit behind the playhouse where we were sitting and I guess panicked. Another adoptive mom saw him and brought him to me. He was sobbing and ran to my lap where he just cried into my shoulder. The lady was impressed with his attachment to his new mama  ;)

At 4:30 today we met to go to Shaiman (sp?) Island. Seems to be an adoption trip hot-spot so we all boarded the bus to go.  I don't think I've said much about the driving here but it must be some of the best defensive driving skill in the world! They drive SO close to each other, pedestrians crossing freeways at will and seemingly very little accidents. It's quite crazy. There are times our mirror on the bus and the bus we are passing is merely a few inches apart!

We stopped at the 'squeaky shoe' hot spot first. Supposedly the good spot was not open because their selection was very very limited. I did get a few pairs for Izrael and Taizi but they were nothing super cute.

A few more stores later and we headed to Lucy's Cafe to eat. Ahh. Outside. Fresh air. Lots of adoptive families. American food. :) I hadn't eaten in a few days and so I tried a salad. It was wonderful except it consisted of 5 sprigs of lettuce and the rest were beautifully cut veggies. Hmm :)  Azlan was in heaven with his grilled cheese sandwich and asked me how much 1000 of them would be. I told him and he said "do you have enough money b/c I loved it and I"m super hungry" ;)

We met another amazing family tonight at Lucy's.  He's a pastor they have one adopted child from the US and just adopted 2 baby boys on this trip in China. They were very fun to talk to and we look forward to getting to know them more as we exchanged information.

Taizi was 'off' tonight. His body temp was high again and he wasn't grabbing for his bottle. He seemed to take longer to go to sleep tonight with lots of moaning but he's snoring now.  Zihao came home from the bus tonight and laid down beside me on the bed. I said he could play with Azlan and he just laid there. He's sleeping now too.  

On the bus I spent some time talking to Susan. She's the mom who adopted the 2 14 year old girls. Ahh she's amazing.  Her husband (who had to go home for work) retired from a career in the military and now, according to him, his 'day job' is he's an anesthesiologist :) Her boys whom she homeschooled the whole way and are now in college and very very bright are grown and out of the home.  She said it was the first time in 20 years we hit a 'life is good' spot and so much of her work was done….until…. :)  Ah I love their story.  These girls are so so blessed.  I wish she blogged but she said 'not yet'.

Please continue to pray for our family. I cannot fathom getting on a plane for as long of a trek as we have…the way I feel right now :( I have started taking Tylenol sparingly and it helps a lot.  Oh we are so on the count down to go home!

Looks like we'll be skipping the botanical gardens tour in the morning. This family needs to lay low.

Izrael...shopping :) Um...someone has gained quite a bit of weight after losing a penny as a body part! :)

My friend Julie and I :)

Sorry for no photos…haven't even sat at the computer long enough to load them :(


  1. Oh my friend... I have already been praying for your trip home... praying for a friendly stranger who may be able to offer a hand if needed... praying for your body and mind to calm and be at peace... We know God is in the business of miracles, and I'm praying for one for you on your long trek home.

  2. Wow, I loved hearing about the 14 year old girls. What a wonderful mother Susan must be. Quietly doing what God has called her to do and yet her actions speak louder than words. She just comes across as a very humble person trying to please her God without needing the praise of men. In the pictures she just shines! Thanks for sharing! M