Sunday, November 25, 2012

Update on us

We are doing really fantastic.  Like really really well.

The biggest struggle would be Dean and I with jet leg.  WOah. Seriously.  Zihao and Azlan and Taizi are totally on track doing great. Izrael a tad off but she's doing good. She goes to sleep at like 3am and wakes at 2pm ;) Me...? I'm wired at 4am.


Tonight we just needed to get out. Our kids have been amazing. Seriously amazing.  We all loaded up and went to a park for a bit where we were slammed with the reality of the temperature change since leaving Guangzhou. Wow.  And I'm in flip flops.'s that or full boots.

We went to Bob's Burgers for dinner. Yes we did. Our whole family.  The kids were amazing and we had a lot of fun. It was a nice reward for the older kids since they have been so wonderful with Mama and Daddy sleeping odd hours and being trapped inside for several days on end.

We are really looking forward to tomorrow finding out when we can get Taizi seen so we have a plan.  He seems so at peace he just knows he's home! And he LOVES the pack and play! So we are sticking with it! No more head banging on the side of the it's soft sides of the pack and play.

Thanks for thinking of us. We have had lots of notes asking us how we are doing. We appreciate all of the prayers, it means a lot. 


Taizi sound asleep in his jumperoo. Yes that one eye doesn't fully close but it never blinks so it's amazing it closes at all


  1. You need to update your profile

  2. I'm glad you are all adjusting so well! I think of and pray for you guys often. What a blessing! I can't wait to get together now that you are home :)Praying for your first full week ahead of you :)

  3. Well I wrote a comment and it disappeared :( to summarize just wanted to say I was so relieved to hear how smoothly your trek back went miraculously especially given taizi's&your questionable health& that u had eaten so little. Plus wonderful to hear of the warm welcome you received and how well provided for!! Such a blessing to read :) U been on my mind lots, so thanks as always for the updates!

  4. SO relieved and happy that things are going so well :) Will continue to pray!

  5. Still praying for you all as you adjust to a new norm. Thanks for updating, so glad to hear you are doing so well. God bless. Love & Prayers Sheryl P

  6. Who said I need to update my profile? :)

  7. Sammie! I updated it! Just for you ;)