Thursday, November 29, 2012


So the days are a tad long around here but we are doing good.  Better each day.  Days long are due to me being so very sick. Yes I'm on medication for those of you asking ... but I'm still throwing up at least 3 times a day and very sick in between.

We should have insurance figured out today and I'll be so relieved b/c my heart is telling me not good things about Taizi.  There's symptoms we have not blogged about that have no good cause when you research...and we are concerned.  We are putting baby food into his bottle and he loves it. That's about as far as we can go with food for now.

Speaking with U of W they recommend we see our pediatrician before going to Seattle b/c they think Taizi needs urgent care and we don't want to wait.  We will have our ped call U of W so he knows what they want done and looked into.

Zihao is doing really really well.  He is showing a few attachment issues (I'm NOT a pro-label Mama so we are not talking about RAD nor do I think he has it...that term is thrown out way too loosely in the adoptive world). He is all of a sudden being very very touchy with anyone he sees, he will work to get their eye contact and would gladly run for a hug.  While he is adorable and super charming...please, we are asking that you not reach out and touch him :)  It takes a while to establish healthy boundaries and for now ... those are only with his immediate family :) We know that might seem like a lot to ask but we do thank you for respecting it.

Last night at bedtime I held Zihao and sang Jesus Loves Me. By the 3rd time he was smiling and very cute. Tirzah and Azlan were singing along. :)

Last night we went out for a drive (pregnant mama that's very sick...often just needs to get out of the house) and when we came home I had this spurt of energy that I took full advantage of! So did Dean~he never questioned me we just worked! We unpacked everything, cleaned all kids drawers, rearranged some dressers. Scrubbed rooms. Did laundry. Scrubbed showers, toilets and floors.  And when I saw that it was very good....I sat :)  And it felt so awesome to have it done!

Dean and I have been watching a show on iTunes called The Men Who Built  America. There isn't much that we will recommend but this is it!  No it's not a movie...or drama...or comedy. But it's about our history as a nation and it's very eye opening and it is intriguing and easy to watch. We have learned so much from these shows and they are 100% safe to watch.

Our neighbor just came over to welcome us home and to let us know she's bringing dinner tonight! How sweet is that?



  1. Ah! We found you! Love, love, love your blog! Can't wait to keep following your growing family. It was wonderful to get to know you in China and if we are ever in the Pacific Northwest, may just look you all up!
    Blessings and love-
    The Lutz Family

  2. So glad to connect with you! We'll be sure to follow your blog. How is Jacob doing? The rest of you? <3