Friday, November 9, 2012

Zhong Hua.

Zihao.  His name right now is Zhong Hua. Pronounced Jong-wah.

Last night our guide told us she has met him a few times. She said he is gorgeous, vibrant and brilliant.  Then she told us that his foster parents wanted to adopt him so bad...but couldn't afford it.  How heart breaking is that?

You know Chinese families CAN adopt Chinese orphans only when their youngest child is 18 years old! And they pay all the same fees we's the exact same process. This couple has adult children. Yes children. Did you know the one-child-policy did not come into effect until 1980? So our guide in Nanjing was one of 3 children as well.  For the past 32's been banned.  That's an awful long time.

Our guide told us that his foster family adores him and said he is "just so so smart. He's brilliant".

We smiled and yet it broke our hearts.

Please pray for his foster family and for Zihao as he says goodbye to the only family he's ever known and loved.

Our guide said "this little boy is so so so loved. You can see it in his eyes."

We do plan on going to meet them. While it will be very hard for both of them...we think it will bring closure to his foster parents as well as to Zihao.


  1. aaahhh.... tears. I can't even imagine what the next week is going to hold for you, Zihao and his foster parents. Praying for their tender loving hearts... maybe through this they will come to know Christ?

  2. I can't help but cry for this child who is going to be taken from his FAMILY! So. Sad. At 3.5 years old...the only family he has ever loved, and who love him SO much, and care for him so well. Instead of this boy being adopted into a new family, perhaps the real need lies in supplying this foster family with money to keep their little boy.

  3. To anonymous~it is heart breaking. Please read my post and know we are so sad at the thought as well. It would have been nice if you had posted your name. If you have read our story at all you would have seen that God clearly told us we were to adopt him in the beginning of this journey. He wasn't the neediest, he wasn't even in an orphanage and lacking love and care. God knew all of that. Yet He chose him.

  4. If this foster couple have adult children they would be quite a bit older! Little Zihao has been well loved and taken care of and that is such a blessing, especially seeing what Taizi has been through. Maybe Zihao is needed for Taizi's sake :-)
    We do have a responsibility to care for these little ones, and the Lord has led the Walker family here for a specific purpose. To get these boys and take them home. Let's remember... He loved them first!