Friday, December 7, 2012

A fun day.

This morning started with Dean at early morning basketball and Zihao screaming at the top of the stairs long before anyone else was awake.  :) I bolted out of bed and there he was just screaming.  This would be cause for alarm...except it's just what he does every morning (or close to it).  I picked him up and carried him back to bed and tucked him in and that was it.  Never heard another peep.  It was about 7am and yes...the other 8 were still sleeping and I wanted it to stay that way ;)  It's like he sees it's dark downstairs and freaks out wondering where the children are.

I got back in bed and at about 7:30 heard Taizi moving in his playpen.  This was amazing. Here's why. Remember how I've said he falls asleep at random times and in random places...? Well the problem is...he's NON transferrable :) So as 'out' as he is...he wakes and stays awake sometimes for 2-3 hours in his bed. He doesn't cry but we just feel bad b/c his sleep pattern is getting weird.  So we tried putting him to bed early and it's the same process. A few hours later he finally stops singing and goes to sleep.  Well...last night while Dean was cooking dinner (yes...I know!;)...he fell asleep on the couch.  We were like...ahhh! It was only about 5:45pm or so.  So I suggested to Dean to let him get in a deep REM sleep and see if then we could transfer him.  We left him there til about 10pm (since he's deaf...he's not hearing any of the sounds anyway) and we turned off all the lights and put a blanket over him ~ and Dean kept him in his 'laying on his front' position and voila...the transfer worked!!! We were pretty excited.  Maybe we can actually let him sleep anywhere and not worry about it if we have a way to move him. you know why we were excited that he didn't wake til 7:30!  Yes! :)  He doesn't nap so that awesome night's sleep is so needed.

He wakes and stands in his bed. He doesn't sing or cry he just stands there. Rocking back and forth as if he's done this day in and day out for years.  Hmmm.  At about 7:45 or 8, Izrael woke up (also in a play pen in our room) and our day began! :)  Side note but I LOVE the play pen. I'm not sure about whoever invented a crib but we've had endless "foot stuck in the rails" and "banged head on the rails in the night and woke themselves up" and on and on. ... and a play pen solves those issues! As the baby gets older we put a nice comfy blanket down b/c the padding isn't that great and what a difference! Izrael slept in a crib in China and woke her self up so many times in the night from bumping her head.  Taizi screamed every night when we put him down (memories of being in there all day...?) and never cries going to bed in the playpen. So it's all good.  And we only had one :) So I finally found a great deal on Craigslist for a $130 one that was only used a handful of times for a babysat child and she was selling it for $30! It's awesome.  I love saving money.  ;)

This weeks we had 2 friends come by and give us winter gear. Seriously...buying a winter coat for 2 children each year is do-able. Try doing it for 9.  And boots. And mittens. And... ahhhh! This was an awesome gift! One friend gave 4 winter coats that all fit Zunduka, Chazano, Zion and Azlan! The other friend gave a coat, snowpants and 1 pc awesome snowsuit all in Zihao's size!  So thankful.

So today we met our friend, Mimi Char at an elderly home to sing carols.  There were 3 of them there to sing and well we made the group a tad bigger. The folks clapped when we came in, they were so excited.  The kids relaxed and even sang their own song, John 3:16 a la RIZERS to them!  They were amazing and Dean stood in the back with Izrael and Taizi in the stroller who never made a peep and seemed mesmerized by what we were doing.  At the end, one lady yelled out "can you all come back every day??" and Mimi Char stepped aside to tell us she can be really mean and yell out mean things so this was quite something ;)  I love elderly people and feel that's something this next generation is mission: a respect and love for elderly.  We are working really hard to see that our kids are taught that.

From there we went to Costco.  Yes. THE Costco trip.  I had the stroller with Izrael and Taizi in it...Dean had the cart with Zihao in there. The other 6 were walking.  They were amazing.  Zihao is a copier...he is very bright and mimics everything the children do.  This is awesome because we have worked hard teaching our kids how to act. Though imperfect...they have been trained well. And he's just copying them.  If they go pick up their shoes...he runs to the door to pick up his.  The other night at dinner Tirzah said "Zihao, watch Tirzah..." and she showed him how he was chewing with his mouth open and then showed him the proper way and we were stunned to see him totally copy her and close his mouth!  I'm like "sweet!!!" ;)

At Costco we had a funny moment. We were in the toy aisle. I bought a doll there for Azahria for Christmas last week.  She saw it and totally screwed up her face.  Dean and I exchanged a face of "great!!" and then she saw the specific one I got and was like "hmmm no".  Fabulous. Now I know what she doesn't want! ;)

We found the huge gingerbread men to decorate and plan on doing it Christmas Eve or sometime close.

Tomorrow I turn 32.  Tirzah came up to me tonight, as serious as she could be, and said "Mama ... today is your last day as 31! You will NEVER be 31 again!! (you'd have to know her to know how she said this ;)...and well I don't want you to turn 32!" I said "why?" she said "because I don't want you to get old. I like you just the way you are!" :)  It was pretty cute.

My close friend, knowing the boundaries with adoption, offered to babysit for a few hours tomorrow.  So I talked to Tirzah about how she will have to stick by Zihao. If he needs hugs, she will be the hugger.  I told her if she does a really good job helping with him I will pay her.  Her eyes lit up ! (she has $66.49 in her bank account ;) and suddenly acted like she was taking mental notes. "ok. Make sure all hugs come from me so he doesn't run to your friend.  Ok.  Help him with his pizza. Ok. Sit by him during the movie. GOT IT. Anything else?" :) It was very cute and she is amazing.

Just to show you how amazing...before went to the nursing home this morning I looked over to see this. I told them not to move so I could get a picture.  My Tirzah is sweeter because of you!

Singing with Mimi Char's friend at the nursing home. I kept bringing Chazano out front and eventually he'd sneak in the back ;)


Izrael rather spell bound by all the people singing

This was cute. After we came home Azlan sat with Zihao at the counter while we made lunch.  They started doing this 'holding your fist against each other's cheek" they weren't hitting or anything but both were dying laughing.  I think they have a secret language... ;)

They have an incredible bond.  I would say Zihao adores Tirzah but it's funny how as playful and crazy as Azlan can be...he always has an eye on him.  We went for a walk around the block the other night and from the time we left til we returned...Azlan stayed at the back of the pack with his arm around Zihao. The entire way.  The others even did races to the signs and everything...Azlan stayed with Zihao. That's very out of character for him...but he really has this protector spirit after being in China with him. It's very beautiful to see.

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  1. It is such a blessing to see your family and sons doing so well in their lives.
    How are you feeling? Any updates on Taizi's health?
    I don't have time to comment much but I do read your blog once a week or so. My oldest daughters are reading too. We are looking for tips when we bring home our 2 early summer!