Monday, December 17, 2012


We are doing wonderful.  The only struggle we are facing right now is everyone having a very sick Mama.  Zihao is doing so great. He's adorable. Loves his mama and LOVES the kids.  Still holds Azlan's hand everywhere and runs to Tirzah for hugs often.  We have even witnessed a few cute moments with him with Izrael! It's so funny. One day he's going to realize she really is a baby compared to him and wonder why he considered her the main rival ;)  He did have a dog in the foster home but you would never know it.  We have to keep a close on him with Rocco. We saw him pulling Rocco by the tail with both hands the other day ... poor Rocco seems to know when it's him and that he doesn't know any better.

Taizi is really really doing well.  I still can't believe the difference in his hair. I'll post a picture of him on Zihao's gotcha day and then now.  This was not hair that was buzzed..this was hair that had not grown. We assume due to very poor nutrition since that has been a big change for him. I cannot believe how much he loves baby food in his bottle (let's keep that clear...he hates the spoon or syringe!). But we are not giving up. We do want him to learn that eventually. He's very OCD (has some pretty big autistic behaviors) and change is a big deal to him. Dean is awesome at implementing it though and he eventually goes with it.

He loves the jumperoo and those legs...I kid you not...have chunk on them! He had no muscle tone in his legs a month ago...and now he initiates walking if you hold his hand.

Mentally...we still don't know.  The hand movements have significantly decreased but it is still his go-to.  He still rocks a lot and doesn't want his groove disturbed. Which we do :) Why...? Because we have bigger dreams for him than he could ever have for himself.  So we keep putting toys in his hands when he stares at his hands and he totally responds. He knows. He will drop them but we are persistent and he eventually gives up and plays with the toy. He needs so much stimulation that he has never had.

His feet are like jelly.  They are tiny but seriously just jelly like. No muscle tone at all.

We finally have the nightmare of insurance sorted out and today we made the decision to switch pediatricians.  I really dislike passive doctors and ours, though highly rated, is passive. Remember he told us Izrael's problem she would outgrow. I pushed for an X-ray...there was a penny in her esophagus...and he called me and said "aren't you glad you listened to me about the X-ray?" Right.  Unreal.

We are excited about the new doctor and have our first appointment January 7.  Yes it's a ways away but due to insurance issues we do have to wait to Jan 1 and we have family here til the 4th.

Azlan is doing well. The skin around his screw is all peeling...I guess the aftermath of it being so swollen and inflammed.  The swelling is all 100% down and he is on his antibiotic still.  Zion found his BAHA yesterday in the grass!!! 7 weeks outside in the rain!! AHHH.  We have an emergency jar to put it case you jump in the pool by mistake.  No guarantees but we tried it. This morning it worked perfectly!  Totally a miracle.  By this afternoon it wasn't working and I tried it and it sounds like an ocean. Poor boy if he had to listen to that all day!  So it's back in the jar and we are praying for a miracle.

I have my first doctor appt on Wednesday with an ultrasound. I'm on Zofran (first for me) and it's working but not adequate. I can only take it every 6 hours and it gives me relief for hour 1 and 2 at this point.  :(  So 2 hour break, 4 hours sick...repeat.  We'll talk on Wednesday about other options.

There are no Christmas lights up and I dislike :( It's been cold and now windy and we've been busy. We may still put them up if we get a chance.

We are doing our family photos this week and really am hoping they turn out great.  Honestly it gets easier every year as the kids get a bit older.  The toughest ones will be Izrael and Taizi for eye contact but other than that I'm hopeful they will go great!

Amazon boxes are finally arriving at my door with Christmas gifts for the children.  I think they were beginning to think there was no Christmas gifts this year...Mama is behind but I will get it done and Amazon with free shipping to my door...? Yes please.

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  1. Praying that sickness will ease up soon! Does diclectin work for you? I was on 4 of those pills a day at one point with Ez!!
    So interesting to read about Taizi. Has it really only been a month since you've been home?! I wonder what his little brain thinks sometimes. From little to none stimulation to TONS of stimulation. His brain must be lit up like a Christmas tree :-)
    Thanks for the update. Will continue to pray for Zihao, Azlans ear and a wee bit of time to get your Christmas lights up!