Tuesday, December 11, 2012

*Azlan update

So today in Spokane the doctor said he didn't like the scarring he was seeing around his surgery site.

Backing up to give you a history:

When Azlan had stage 2 of the Baha surgery in April 2012, he contracted a strep infection in the skin around the implant.  Apparently in the OR.  It got pretty bad pretty fast. He was admitted in Seattle and Spokane and came home on IV antibiotics for 2 weeks.  Then, per a renowned infectious disease control doctor's advice, he was put on 1 year of oral antibiotics as he said this is standard for 'foreign body infection'.

Well tonight when I looked at his head (I'm sick at the thought that I didn't in the clinic today but the Doc just said he was scarring and he wasn't happy with it) I never thought to look and neither was he suggesting infection.  How a surgeon calls this scarring is actually terrifying to me :(  Well tonight when I looked, I could feel the blood drain from my face.  I called Dean over and he was very upset.  It is grossly swollen, so much so...that on one side the skin is higher than the metal abutment!!!  He is still on oral antibiotic ... remember as 1 year is not up.  I really feel sick at the thought of what is going on :( We just spoke with the on-call ENT in Spokane and he said we have to go in to the local ER for iv's.

Please pray for Azlan.  What is the next step? It does not seem like his body is accepting this implant :(

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  1. poor little guy. :( hard times ahead getting that figured out!

    The verse that keeps coming back to me today is "all things work together for good"

    we don't know the whole plan, but God does. :) praying for you in the er tonight.