Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Last night I was making dinner and Dean had Christmas music playing. All of a sudden I had an idea...Azlan's BAHA. Cleaning my office last week I had spotted his original headband used before the implant.  This is what is used on babies etc until they are 5.5 years old and approved to have the second stage of the surgery.

I excitedly ran to get it and Dean knew right away what I was thinking. We propped Taizi up by the music, got the video camera ready. This was our moment. This was his moment. The moment when we, not in a doctor's office with an audience...but we with our family all sitting with baited breath waiting to see their brother hear for the first time...this was it.

We began. There was nothing.  He made the same sounds. The same lack of eye contact.  The same hand motions. We turned it off. Then on. We clapped loudly. We did everything. We even put the speaker by the BAHA.  Nothing.

We took it off and continued with dinner. This was after 15 minutes or so of trying.  I looked at Dean and he was in the kitchen. He was looking pretty deflated.  I said "Maybe he could hear and ..." and he shook his head.  "No. He couldn't hear".

It was a sad moment.

In normal lingo...this would have worked if he has a functioning cochlea at all. In either ear.  Regardless of either middle ear.

Izrael 20months and Taizi 3.5 years Woah.

Taizi on November 12, 2012. (look at his hair...)

Taizi December 12, 2012.  Look at his hair...!

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