Monday, December 3, 2012

Our week.

Taizi loves it here.  He really does.  And he loves those could you not?

His falling to sleep routine is getting hard.  He falls to sleep at random evening the middle of doing whatever he's doing...and you cannot move him.  We do...and he then takes hours and hours to fall back to sleep.

His food: is really gross :).  I just started gagging thinking about it.  We are doing formula and baby food.  I think the bottle goes to the back of his throat because it does not seem like this food is going near any taste buds!  It's pretty thick, looks disgusting, ( truly! And when you are pregnant...?:(.  ). And he eats it.  So that's awesome.

He is still sweating and gets lots of baths - which he loves.

He loves the jumperoo--he jumps like crazy! This is so amazing for his tiny, frail little legs.  The kids all love seeing him's pretty cute.

On Saturday my friend and neighbor had a welcome home shower for us.  It was a few of us ladies...and desserts. Seriously doesn't get better than that! I had thrown up 4 times that morning and was in pretty rough shape but it's amazing what getting out does for you!!  I did fine the entire time (and yes, came home and threw up again ;).  We had a lot of fun, especially seeing my beautiful friend Amy!  One of the topics that came up was loving newly adopted children.  Many of us (if not all) definitely think...these children need all the love they can get! Just love them! Everyone! Smother them with hugs and kisses, they have been so deprived. can't :) It's true they do...but it has to come from their family. They don't know boundaries and the way you teach them is first of all by WHO touches and loves on them.  Our family was so blessed by this shower...with many gift cards being given to help with the cost of their clothes and needs going forward.  Thank you to each of you that gave!

We went to church today and Taizi, Zihao and Izrael sat with us.  They did amazing.  We brought our new stroller and Taizi loved it.  Zihao was shy today which was good to see ( since thats truly how he is) instead of him reaching to touch everyone he saw.

Zihao is doing fantastic.  Really really amazing.  He runs to hug Mama every time I come into the room...he eats whatever we serve (this is new)...he sleeps in his room with Azlan and sleeps about 11 hours each night...he now goes potty 100% by himself...he is very huggy with Tirzah....he loves getting his teeth brushed...he is 100% convinced that Izrael is also 3.5 years old;)...and there is not one doubt in my mind that he knows he is home.  All the work I put into sending many many gifts and photos and albums--prepared him for us and who we are.  He mourned deeply in that first hour at gotcha and not since.

On another note--we still cannot find Azlans ear.  :(.  We lost it the night before we flew to China and I'm thinking it may be outside somewhere:(.  The replacement cost on Cochlear is $4000 and he needs this Baha.  I feel physically ill about it.  Dean had said so many times he didn't see us having it very long because Azlan is a healthy 6 year old boy.  He's active.  It fell off allllll the time.  Obviously it fell off one time when we weren't right there to grab it.  I'm not giving up.  Please pray that we find it.

Oh...Zihao now puts his hands over his eyes when we pray.  It's the cutest thing ever and melts me.  So amazing that he will hear about God every single day of his life from now on...and we pray one day...will get to know Jesus himself in a very real way.


  1. Love the update :) Glad to hear the boys are adjusting well and enjoying their siblings! Will pray that Taizi's sleeping gets more consistent...
    And will definitely be praying for Azlan's "ear" to be found!!
    When do all Taizi's doctors appointments start?

  2. I had never heard about just the immediate family loving on them first! It makes so much sense when you think about it :-) Praying you'll find Azlan's ear!