Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We are doing really really well. Zihao is doing amazing and Taizi is doing well.

I think I've said it before but Izrael (20m) calls Zihao 'Ah-HOW' and it just might be the cutest thing ever :) We hear "ah-how...ah-how' all day long. If there's any sound she needs to learn how to say in this family...I'm thinking it might be "Z" :)

We received a huge package from my Grampa's sister Auntie Katie and Uncle Dave the other day. It was such a nice, personal package. Each child (all 9) got a personalized fleece blanket that they love and there were 4 knit hats as well! Here are some recent photos:

We celebrated beautiful Tirzah Liberty's birthday this last week. She turned 9 years old while we were in China. She is in love with horses and will sometimes even cry when she thinks about owning one some day. She loves her little brothers and sisters and most importantly LOVES Jesus.  She says a nonchalant 'thank you' if you tell her she's beautiful...and will be quick to tell you she's happy just the way she is because God made her that way.  She is a real princess.

Her horse ice cream cake!


Blowing out those candles

So excited about her new horse books! ;)

And loves her new horse Bible!

She has spent hours this week working with this set Auntie Joss gave her!

5 boys piled up with their new personalized blankets from Uncle Dave and Auntie Kate!

Zihao with his new blanket ;)

And Azahria Peace with hers :)

Tonight Dean put Taizi on this little car and he loved it.

Dean has been walking with him a lot and he now moves his legs much more voluntarily with Dean only supporting his hands instead of guiding his feet.

Almost to Daddy!

He made it and came for a hug :)

*I updated photos on a few more posts but the biggest one was "The Trek Home" post :)*


  1. love little Zihao hanging with the big boys..his smile is so infectious :-)

  2. The walking progress is fantastic!