Friday, January 11, 2013

A day in the life of.


You really want to know? It's more organized and less chaotic than you may think ;)

The kids don't rise at 6am...they get up 7:30-8.  They are allowed to sneak quietly downstairs and watch a very child-friendly show til breakfast.  Taizi wakes late, allowing us all to get ready for the day before his first bottle.

Izrael and Taizi are in pack and plays in our room. Yes our room is massive.  There's also a full u-shape sectional couch in there... :)

Breakfast happens...we've been doing a lot of hot breakfasts lately and the kids beg for cereal. Too funny.  That's actually easier.

We make Taizi's bottle and put it on the other side of the room from him. He, without prompting, crawls to it.  His bottle consists of half a jar of baby food, a few oz of hot water, rice cereal to thicken it (otherwise it will just spray everywhere as there's a huge hole in the top of the bottle for him to just simply swallow), 1 scoop of formula and this week...a capsule of echinacea to boost his struggling immune system. I tell you...he lacks taste buds ;)  He crawls to his bottle and immediately does a face plant into the carpet so he can roll over to drink it.

After breakfast the kids double check their beds and that teeth has been brushed then we start school.  Zihao and Azahria play upstairs.  Tirzah and Zion go to the counter and I now sit and stay there until they are done. I've doubled their work load to make up for our lost time after China and they are doing it in 1.5 hours.  Amazing what happens when Mama sits there and there is no day dreaming ;)

Then Zunduka, Chazano and Azlan come down to the table and we do their school for about 1hour to 1.5hours.

About this time is Taizi's next bottle time.  It can be anything from half a jar of peas or bananas to Pediasure thickened with rice cereal.  Or if Dean's making can be a disgusting mixture of all three ;)  Sometimes we will set the bottle on the table and put him on the other side of the living room. He'll crawl to the table and pull himself to a stand to get the bottle. It's an obstacle course but it's the only carrot we have for him...his bottle ;) He can't figure out how to get back down to the floor so often he will stand there to drink it...but we carry him to the floor.

We are now substituting one bottle with the same mixture in a syringe. Oh heavens it's quite a process. He clamps his jaw shut so tight you have to squeeze his little cheeks to open his mouth and then he's screaming like crazy as you squeeze it in.  Yes.  He hates change and he has clearly never been fed with a spoon or any other method besides a bottle.  Wouldn't you think that at 12 m in the orphanage they would attempt to move him on to a high chair and a spoon? I mean an open palate doesn't affect that at all! Azlan was on solid food at 7 months and didn't have his palate repaired til 11m.  Yes half comes out the nose but they learn how to get it down.

Why are we doing this? Because he's loved too much to let him stay this way.  We know he can progress in the feeding area...but he's not wanting to.  Dean got an entire jar of baby food down today with a syringe.  By the time we are done he's sweating like crazy and so worked up.  We are both convinced he's still on a bottle b/c no one ever tried to advance him past that.

We do lunch. Izrael naps at 1:30-5:00.  I get a lot of work done at that time.  Zihao naps for about 1.5-2 hours and the other children either color, play outside, read books or build legos.  Taizi is usually in his walker or jumper.

Dinner is 6:30 usually.
Taizi often starts falling asleep around this time so the last 2 nights we give him his last feeding at 6 and put him to bed. He takes at least an hour to fall to sleep...not crying..just seems to be his routine.  And he sleeps 12-13 hours.  He doesn't nap and we will likely start implementing a nap into the routine.

After dinner we've been playing a game or something on the wii.  Bedtime is at 8pm for almost everyone.  All kids except for Tirzah and Izrael are in bed at 8.  Izrael just woke at 5 so it's a tad early...Tirzah we let stay til 9:15 ish.  Izrael goes down about the same time.  The house is perfectly quiet.  Blissfully ;)

We pray with all the kids. Do a Bible story. Turn out the lights and go downstairs for a few hours of quiet us-time.

Maybe that does sound chaotic to us it's our life.  It's quite structured and organized :) Today was so gorgeous the kids played outside for a few hours this afternoon...they all came in with perfect rosy cheeks :)


  1. I needed this smile before I went to bed... thanks, and enjoy your weekend! ;)

    By the way, I totally agree with the doc... you're a saint! Thank you for sharing your family with us; I truly enjoy reading your postings.

  2. Izrael naps 1.30-5???? oh wow...If my kids ever napped longer than 2 hours they wouldn't get to sleep till 1 or 2 am. Good for her :-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Leanne...yes! All of our kids have been on the same exact sleep schedule at the same ages. So this is what all of our bio kids have done ;) Took sleep training when they were young but worth it;) We wean off naps at 3-3.5y.

    Selena...glad to provide a smile ;)

    And I didn't include the process of syringing in antiobiotics to Taizi (quite a process) or 10 minutes of Mama-speech therapy with Azlan ... or the fact that in all this we are potty training 22m old Izrael...and every time she pees in the potty the kids jump up from school to clap. Yah... I have amazing friends to give me lots of adult time, thankfully ;)