Monday, January 7, 2013

Alive! And well! ;)

Ok how was that for an unplanned blog-hiatus? ;)

Dean's family came for almost a week and we needed a few days to get cleaned and ready and well it wasn't the time to blog. Hope you all had an incredible Christmas and started your new year off with a bang!

Here's our update:

Taizi now crawls as his way of getting around! It's really amazing and so is my husband for working with him so much!! He now will walk along the couch as well!  All of this is brand new!

Zihao's talking has exploded!'s not all good's all in Chinese!  Yes! With full hand motions and great expressions and and and...the communication is obviously...lacking.  He says "Mommy" and "no Rocco" to the dog and that is it!! However we are increasingly aware of his significant hearing loss which plays a huge role. You have to really say his name loudly to get his attention. He turns his whole head to favor the working ear and even that one, we have reason to believe has significant hearing loss :(

Zihao has not been "well" since gotcha day. Always a runny nose. Always a (empty...non congested) cough.  That is odd for our family...our kids are incredibly healthy and don't catch whatever is going around.  So we are working on getting that immune system Walker-strong! ;)

Today was finally our first pediatrician appts!!! We switched doctors and it seemed to be a 'fluke' find...but woah...LOVE! He's amazing. He asked me why we left our last pediatrician and I said "rather passive when you have significant health concerns" and he laughed and nodded, knowing the doctor.  

He examined Taizi and said many things.
-His head is very large...and may require a shunt.
-His ears are quite deformed and very low on his head.
-His right eye has significant problems and likely related to his brain concerns.
-His open palate is the least of his concerns at this time.
-He listened to his heart...for quite a while...and looked up at me over his glasses and said "Woah...we need this checked out ASAP!"
-He said there is a definite significant mental disability that we need figured out to put all the pieces together.
-He said his plan is to start at the heart...then brain...then work his way down from there.
-He wants EKG, EEG, MRI, CAT scan, Kidney tests, ABR under sedation, Geneticist appts to figure out the syndrome and a slew of immediate bloodwork.
Taizi's weight (with a very weight diaper and half dressed) was 21.4lb and Zihao's was 26.5lb.

After he said all of that I told him we have consulted with U of W's adoption specialist and I was seriously impressed that he requested ALL of her list and more! He winked.

Regarding Zihao: he said he doesn't have any serious things going on with the cough...maybe a slight sinus infection.  Definitely wants his hearing evaluated and the fact that he poops (sorry!) once a week and it's just simply not normal how much comes out of him...

All that said. We will be going to Seattle for the big stuff and attempt to do what we can right here in Tri Cities.  EKG, MRI etc that can be done here. Obviously specialists are not here in the pediatric dept.

There's the medical update.

Feeding Taizi what we have been feeding him....there is a serious 'failure to thrive' not based on his nutrition since he simply has not gained weight.  Maybe 2 lbs total in 2 months and yet his caloric intake has been multiplied by 8 or so a day and so has his protein intake.  The ped today agreed that there's no food we can feed him to make him thrive or grow.

On his way out of the room the doctor paused and said "are you a saint...?" to which I quickly replied "not in the way you are thinking!" he smiled and said "No really...God bless you Janice. I think you are amazing".


Other news: after my body tricking me into thinking sickness was over for a day and then quickly reminding me...IT WAS NOT I was very very very sick.  However. In the last week I've had no meds and only thrown up like 4 times and feel amazing!  I feel like I could conquer the world! ;)  I'm 15 weeks in a day and so excited to be feeling great!

We got our family photos back and I want to share them.  They turned out amazing and our photographer was amazing. I will definitely refer friends to her! She was wonderful to work with and SO affordable! (these pics are taken from FB so they don't show the entire shots...they are cut off on the bottoms)

Tirzah Liberty ~ 9 years

Zion Courage~ 7.5 years (was born photogenic)

Zunduka Jacob~ 8.5 years (My fave pic of Zunduka ever!)

Chazano Meleki~ 8.5 years (wow I LOVE this picture of him!)

Azlan Honor ~ 6 years (he was so cute, he doesn't like his smile in pictures so he was practicing the week before in the mirror. He's perfect!~)

Azahria Peace~ 4.5 years (she was frozen solid this was Dec. 22nd and it was COLD)

Zihao Ethan~ 3.5 years (one of the 3 smiles he gave during the entire session! ;)

(prince) Taizi Tommy~ 3.5 years 

Izrael Promise ~ 21months (shocked we got her to smile away from Mama...but Daddy was putting her Piggy over the photographer's shoulder and she was loving it!)

LOVE this one of our three girls! 

Daddy and 6 boys!

Mama and 3 princesses!

 The 2 that started it all...;)


  1. Glad to hear you have a doc that is going to help you get answers. Love all the pics!

  2. Fantastic pics. And really….the most saintly saint I know!:)- Carmel

  3. I agree with the doctor :) It truly shows with all the blessings the Lord has given you. Will be keeping you all in our prayers!

  4. Again, thanks for sharing! You touch my heart with your life. Love the pictures, God has truly blessed your family. Praying you will get the answers you need with this wonderful new doctor. So nice that he appreciates what you have done and are doing for these precious children :) And praying for Azlan, hopefully he's feeling better soon and over this infection. xo

  5. You all are sweet. Saw the doctor this morning and he wants the implant OUT. He's right. It's the source of the infection and all we are doing is putting a bandaid on it. It's sad. We fought so hard for it ... but it's not worth the risk. This is his head...not far at all from his brain. :(

  6. I was just sent to your blog by our friend Lynn. We are just beginning our adoption process and so happy to know about you. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family. I can't wait to read more. GOd bless you richly!