Monday, January 7, 2013

Azlan update

(read post below for full medical update about Taizi and Zihao)

Azlan's head is very very infected today.  As in...worse than it was a few weeks ago when it was bad. The skin is higher than the metal abutment and so red it can't get redder.  My poor boy. It really breaks my heart to see this happening...again.

He has been on oral antibiotic (as a preventative) since April...yes. Daily since April. It seems like we get constant confirmation that it has to come out :( Clearly Dr. Ronald (infectious disease) is correct that the antibiotic has only kept the Strep infection laying low and it's never been completely killed.  Not much more we can do as he was slammed with heavy duty antibiotics in the beginning via IV and apparently that didn't finish it off.

He has an appt with our new doctor in the morning and we'll go from there.

Tonight, for the first time, he said "Mama, it really hurts".  He has a very high pain tolerance and we take note when he says that. (If you saw it, you'd be shocked he hasn't felt it til now!)


  1. I can't believe what a pain tolerance he must have! poor guy! it's his happy heart that makes him able to focus on other things. :)

  2. Insane Pain tolerance! I wince looking at it. I was wondering if Dr. Ronald was your infectious glad you have him on board. How are things going today? Praying for him.

  3. It's nice when a child who has had a lot of painful things in blessed with a high tolerance. ;) However we have to monitor him closely b/c we can't trust when he says it hurts. The infection is visibly down. The skin is all peeling as it does each time from being so severely inflamed. We are waiting to hear back from the surgeon to see if he will remove it or if we have to be referred elsewhere. Dr Ronald thinks it needs to come out...and our new Pediatrician...also an Internal Medicine Specialist wants it out. So it's coming out.