Monday, January 21, 2013

Beauty...more than skin deep.

Tirzah is our 9 year old daughter. She is beautiful.  Really beautiful.

Two days ago I had finished teaching the children and was making lunch.  Taizi was on the couch playing with blocks and saw me start to make his bottle so he leaned over the couch to watch.

Tirzah said "Mommy...I really want to adopt a little boy just like Taizi someday".  I said "that's awesome!"  She said "yeah.  I love his bent ears and how tiny he is and well...I'm kind of sad about something..."

Me: "what's that?"

Tirzah: "well. I just don't think I'll find a child JUST like Taizi."

Me: "there are so many children with special needs ... "

Tirzah: "I know Mommy...but I want one JUST like Taizi. Bent ears. Tiny.  Totally deaf. Different eyes (one doesn't blink and is a different shape).  Doesn't walk.  Only eats out of a bottle. Doesn't talk. Cleft lip.  Do you think there's another boy JUSt like him...?"


Me:  "well you are right. There is only one him.  Why do you want to adopt a child like Taizi?"

Tirzah: "oh he's perfect.  Like there's so many beautiful children but ... Taizi...he's super special.  I just love him. It's like he's perfect.  I wish I could have adopted him."

What a beautiful girl.


  1. Yes, that is spoken from a truly beautiful heart! Love you guys.

  2. So beautiful!! God is working, because you chose to submit! I just got 'caught up' here on your blogs... so exciting to see the progress with Taizi. Keep up the amazing work! xo

  3. That gave me chills! She is truly beautiful inside and out - what a precious gift!