Friday, January 25, 2013



After only 3 days of exclusively sitting, talking, playing and hugging Mommy and Daddy...Zihao has totally come alive! He spoke several English words to me yesterday! Um...we have been with him for over 2 months and all we have heard is MOMMY and NO ROCCO. That's it.  This is huge!

Also...he didn't even try to go to the kids yesterday...instead clung to me like my shadow all day and evening!  When Dean came home last night, he RAN to him for a hug and talked away! Dean looked at me like "what...?"  :)

Oh...and Taizi!  Now that we are on day 2 or 3 (I forget...think it's 3) of rocking him while he eats...what a difference.  He locks eyes with me almost the entire time and doesn't attempt to do his hand motions.

In fact this morning I put him in the high chair (we need 3...have 1 ... lol. Yah) and fed him 1/2 a jar of a bananas with a syringe and he OPENED his mouth every single time!!! Then I put just cold whole milk into a 5 oz bottle and sat down to feed him.  He was clearly full as it took forever. Especially considering there is a massive hole in the top of this bottle. I decided to hold both of his arms down this morning while giving him his bottle so that he would be totally dependent on me.  He stiffened for a minute and then 100% relaxed in my arms. Never once did he bring his hand up in his face to do the motions or to hold his bottle!  I did have one hand over the top of the bottle or that is where his eyes go.

Had to pause in my busy morning and post a quick crazy update. :)


  1. Wow, wow, wow! I read your post last night and have been praying for you and was so excited to read what amazing progress Zihao has already made with you and Dean. I was thinking it would be hard for your older kids to not help him, but God is those details too. ;) And go Taizi!!! So excited for you. What a difference two months in a family makes. :)

  2. Oh Julie...wait til you see the video I just took! I will upload later. ;) It's a sloppy video b/c I was doing it with one hand while feeding Taizi with the other.

    Yes Zihao has a ways to go but thankfully is bonding with us. Not going to say he gets the concept of forever family and parents but at least he's making efforts to attach with us ;)

  3. Oh WOW! SOOOO incredible! What an answer to prayer - such a quick answer! Amazing progress with both boys... how exciting for you! :) :) Praying Zihao continues to bond with you and Dean... and that his little heart and mind know he is there to stay. Thank you for these updates. x0x

  4. That is exciting!! Praise the Lord