Saturday, January 19, 2013

Don't blink...!

Because the little glimpses we get often occur in a blink...and you'll miss them!

So thankful I'm home 100% of the day with our children and don't miss a moment. What a gift!

The other day I was teaching Tirzah and Zion school and Taizi was in his walker.  He was singing away and I went over and got right in his face and starting talking to him. I got no eye contact.  I got closer and kept saying "where's your mama? Where's your mama?" Tirzah and Zion thought it was quite funny b/c I'm talking and laughing away, we know he's deaf, and even though I'm right in his face...he's looking everywhere BUT at his mama! ;)  I started blowing on his face a little as it's one of the only ways he laughs (in a response way).  Still no eye contact. So I'd blow on his face, he'd smile and I'd say "Where's your mama?".  The kids were laughing away at the counter.  All of a sudden, with no eye contact he grabbed my face. One hand on each cheek...and came super close to me...eyes all over the place, never at me. And just lit up in a smile.

And it was definitely, as my friend says, a "freeze frame moment".

A moment when you stop and thank God for not missing it.  Had I gotten up one moment sooner, I would have said there was no connection, no moment.  But wait for was coming.

So yesterday was Taizi's last day of antibiotics.  Before each bottle I gave him 2 syringes of baby food. Both times he opened his mouth.  To say this is progress is such a gross understatement.  We were concerned what was happening to his heart when we fed him with a syringe just a few days ago b/c that's how much he would sweat, scream and flail.  It's just 2 syringes but it's 2 before each bottle.  And he's OPENING his mouth.

Really, truly amazing.  Don't blink!

So in the last 2 weeks we have a 22 month old almost completely potty trained...our 3.5 year old Taizi crawls as a way of getting around instead of face-planting-rolling-using-his-head-to-push-him....he now walks alongside of the couch for his bottle...and takes a pacifier and keeps it in his mouth (which stops him from spitting which he does a lot)...!  Not only that but all of the kids, especially Tirzah and Zion's...workload in school has been almost tripled so we won't be doing school in the summer...and Zihao...well he still only says MOMMY at high decibels with chinese following ... ;)  Let's see... what else can I squeeze in there? :) Azlan is done his high dose of antibiotics as of today...and his surgery site  flared up again just 2 days ago.  All of the skin is peeling, again...and we are so ready to move on from this infection-era of his life.

In Azlan's world, he can say F, P, and G very well...enough to distinguish them in school and reading which is so huge I could cry!  I wish I could give the credit to intense speech therapy but alas he never once was able to do them there and it's only been since we've pulled him out and do the therapy at home with him!  After sitting in years of speech therapy sessions...I think I've seen it all for a while and we seem to be having way more progress at home.

I honestly can't wait to have Zihao's full hearing tests done to see what we are dealing with and how we can help.

There's the update.

It's Saturday.

Gingerbread cake is in the oven and it smells good.

Date night tonight and that's always good.


Secret of being a happy mama and daddy of almost 10...? Date. Often.  Out of the house!



  1. So much joy in the day to day. I miss it sometimes too, but then there are days where God just overflows you with moments like these. I loved reading this!

  2. This just shows that love can be sensed in many other ways... He may not be able to hear you, but I'm sure he can smell you, & knows that you love him! Sounds like a beautiful moment... Thanks for continuing to share your amazing family. God must be so pleased with your servant heart. Enjoy your date!! ;)

  3. I love these updates... and your gratitude/joy in the moments. A gift!
    And.... I'm so thankful you are able to get out on frequent dates! I think you do much better at that than E & I do with only one child! :D