Saturday, January 26, 2013

Had to share...

Something completely not related to the children ... well... ok...sorta...

This is the first time in 22.5 months that our master bedroom...has had no babies in it! :) Izrael has slept in here since birth (NOT co sleeping ;) and Taizi has been in here since end of November as well! Well today we moved Taizi's crib to his room and Izrael's crib is in the girls room.  She chortled...yes...chortled... (such a Jon Procopio word) down the hallway she was so excited to be moving in with Tirzah and Azahria ;)

And I...have my feet up on our sectional couch in our bedroom. For ... the first time in 22.5 months normally a baby or 2 would be sleeping in here. 

That's all.

I hope you all had an amazing Saturday. I of my closest... closest friends and I went for lunch. 

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  1. Wow...hope u got a chance to have a true rest! U need it! ;)