Monday, January 28, 2013


Sunday we took our good friends out for lunch. Yes it's really easy getting a table for 13 (including our friends) ;) and it was like a breath of fresh air!  I hope you have friends like that.  Older than us. Wiser than us. And just plain life to be around.

Sunday afternoons has become the chosen day for Mommy-dates. Last week I took the 4 older boys to a restaurant of their choice and then to Target to buy a little car and chocolate bar.  This week it was Tirzah and Azahria.  We went to the mall where we got some amazing deals on clothes for them that was much needed...then to DQ for the treat of their choice.  I love the one on one (or 2) time with our kids.  I remember someone saying in a Q and A show a while ago to the Duggars (19 and counting) about being concerned about how much time they actually get with their children. Mr Duggar replied with something to the effect of that they get more time than most American families spend with their 1.5 children....and I would totally agree.  We teach our them, play games with them...and have every waking hour with them.  And most importantly...we really believe in dating them to spend that individual time with each of them.

Taizi has been off this week. There's something not right. I know...I know...we really need those diagnosis-es.  We are working on it.  I said to Dean tonight "I just haven't seen a glimpse of joy in him in the last week" and he looked at me and said "I've never seen joy in Taizi" and it was this moment of ... you are right.  But this week has been more. His coloring looks bad. He's started sweating again (that disappeared when we removed his 2nd-in-a-row-bottle (his heart couldn't handle 2 back to back)...but that's started again.  His body has this very unique strong odor when he sweats...don't think I've mentioned that before. It's really distinct. Not a normal body odor smell.  It's the sign of something more serious though as children's sweat doesn't usually smell.  In fact...if you hold him after he has's very difficult to get the scent of your hands no matter how much you wash them.  The kids will sometimes say "I wanted to hug Taizi ... but I couldn't. There's this strange smell" :(

Well...good news instead of waiting another month for a local cardiology appt...we got one for Wednesday in Seattle.  After the care Azlan received there ... or lack of's difficult to go back...however...we do believe they have the best equipment, doctors and ability to help him with all the issues he is facing.  So...just like that...we will pack up our crew and head to Seattle on Wednesday morning (about 3.5 hours drive each way).

Tonight the kids were all tucked in and Dean and I were downstairs....we heard the pitter patter of feet come down the hallway and lightly...down the stairs.  I turned to see Zion.  7 years old....and though the goofiest of the boys by far...also the one with the hugest heart.  Well his lips were quivering and his eyes were filled with water...and he came right up to me on the couch.  "Mommy...I have a confession....I did something really...I just shouldn't have done.  There was a big blanket on my bed that I thought smelled funny...and I heard the washer I had an idea. I took it in and put it in the washer. was too big to close the I took it back out. was full of water and I didn't know what to do. So...I dragged it down the hallway to the bathroom and got it into the bathtub. It took me 3 towels to wipe up all the water off the wood floor...and the blanket is still in the tub." I'm listening and his eyes go down..."Mommy...I wanted to tell you because I know I never should have done this without asking you and it was a bad bad idea" and I looked at my boy and said "thank you for coming to tell me. That was the right thing to do.  I will take care of the blanket" and the tears started to fall. "thank you mommy. I'm sorry. I won't do anything like this again without asking if it's a good idea". We heard his steps slip into bed and we both just started laughing. Yes I need to write more of these stories.  How will I ever remember them all?

Today was my first OB appt at my new doctor's office.  There's 2 reasons I switched mid way through my pregnancy but one is because of hospitals to deliver at. We live where there are 3 large hospitals and many of the OBs only deliver at one.  So a few friends recommended this office to me.

I walk in and hear KLOVE playing in the office and the 2 receptionists discussing their Bible study in Romans. That was different!  I waited one full hour before going to the receptionist and asking if there were any problems or... (I hate confrontation...the only reason I went and asked is Dean had an appt for the van at a shop) they called me in a few minutes later.  As soon as I met the doctor I knew why it was worth the 1.5 (in the end) hour wait.  She was so real and genuine.  She asked why I switched and I told her about the hospital. She said "what is it about that hospital?" and I said..."well having delivered 5 babies there in the last 9 years...I just find this arrogance that they are the best and their level of care isn't..." she bent over laughing and said "I've never heard a patient say that but us OBs say it all the time!" :) She measured me at 20cm (20wks) and I'm 18wks.  I usually measure cm for wk perfectly but that's within normal being only 2 wks off.  The heartrate was in the 160's and we booked our big ultrasound for Feb 4.  She said "are you excited to find out the gender?" and I immediately said "I can't wait...however...I must...until June or July" :) She laughed when I told her I had made a promise knowing #5 bio was the last bio...and here comes a total miracle baby...;)  Tirzah thinks it's the most ridiculous thing ever why anyone would choose to wait on the gender. Wonder where she gets that from...? ;)


  1. Hi Janice. My name is Hannah Stone and I met you a few years ago, briefly at a Bethel event. My husband, Dave Stone is on staff at the Richland campus. Not that I'm expecting you to remember me, just giving some background! :) Somehow, around Thanksgiving, I discovered this blog of yours and have been very blessed by hearing your story and learning about your family. I've been meaning to drop you a comment saying so for some time now. But haven't because I'm also expecting, just now 18 weeks, and am finally feeling better, thankfully! This is our 3rd child and also my 3rd different clinic/OBGYN doctor. I'm not super satisfied with this clinic and the staff. And instead of stickin it out, like I've done at the other two clinics I'm shopping around. So reading your blog post today, about you switching doctors midstream encouraged me and I also wondered if you'd share with me what clinic/doctor you switched to. If you'd rather not on the blog, my email is I look forward to hearing from you! Hope your day is blessed!! -Hannah

  2. Hannah! So nice to hear from you and I totally remember you! Huge congrats on your pregnancy, that's awesome! I tried emailing you and it immediately returned to me. You try emailing me at :)