Saturday, January 19, 2013


Some photos from the week before New Year's when Dean's family was here.

We went to a big indoor gym. It was only for children age 6 and under so all the big kids had to "be watching a little child". It was cute to see who each child went to.  Zion took care of Zihao.

Izrael and Chazano stuck together like glue!

Zunduka took his first cousin, Hope, under his wing.  (Both children were orphaned and abandoned in Zambia, Africa. Both are loved today. And now 1st cousins.  Love.

There's Chazano taking care of Izrael :)

Dean was with Taizi for part of the time. I had him for the rest of the time. There was this toy mower (that would flip over without Dean holding it at the front) but Taizi loved it.  Notice how he walks a few steps...then stops to stare at his's just engrained in him...

Here he is...looking a little distressed but he kept initiating walking forward...

Pushing the mower...and again staring at his hands.

Azlan in the tunnel ;)

This was cute. Taizi was with me and I put him on the mat and he started to crawl. He was on a mission, so we kept following him...and I'm not joking...he crawled all the way across the floor to right in front of the door. He soooo wanted out of there!! 

Cousin: Hope!

1st cousin Mikayla and little Hope ;)

Mama was blowing on his face and he was laughing ;)


These next two pictures are from 2 days ago. I was teaching Tirzah and Zion and Taizi was sitting on the couch. I looked over and he was standing just facing towards us.  We didn't have eye contact but I thought these pictures were cute!


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