Thursday, January 17, 2013

So excited!

Ok so you know of our feeding efforts with Taizi. Part of it seems to be his bottle goes to the very back of his mouth (yes, it does) and we've wondered if he's tasting what he's eating.  We put the same exact food in a syringe and he screams, clamps his jaw, gags etc.

And we keep doing it.  It's so much easier ... not to. But what's best for him .. is to keep trying.

Well he's now on oral antibiotic 2x a day. He's on day 5.  The first few days we would catch him by surprise right before his bottle, quickly squeeze the syringe into his cheek and he'd get it down.  Yesterday...he OPENED his mouth when he saw us coming with the syringe! Ok this stuff can't taste good!  Soooo last night (haven't for a few days) I gave his medicine, he opened his I quickly put his syringe into his bottle and filled it.  I went and squeezed it into his mouth. He honestly didn't seem to love he likes the meds more!

So today I did it again.  Only this time after the first syringe of food, I went and got a second one.  For the second one he just stared at me.  I waited. I just held the syringe in front of his face.  He looked at me. Had his mouth closed. I just waited. And I'm not kidding...he OPENED his mouth for the second syringe of baby food!!  Ok I was so excited, I can't even tell you!!

Serious progress.  It's baby steps but it's moving the direction we need to. For his growth and development.  Had to share ;)


  1. A+ Mayzing the miracle God is working in his life - through your hands. Incredible.

  2. That is wonderful! Lots of tears/prayers/determination/hard work! He is blessed to have you as mom and dad. Thank you for the inspiration~