Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The bigger picture.

Oh the surrender of our hearts it took to be where we are today.  

The questions that came when people first saw those first photos of Tai Fu An (Taizi).  

" is he....mentally....?"

"Will he...even...know..the difference of being in your home vs the orphanage...?"

"What does the future hold for him...?"

"Will he ever function...normally...?"

What was God's purpose in calling us to Taizi...?

Well we definitely don't see the whole picture ... but we see glimpses of it.

His progress is slow. But present.

The progress inside of us...however...hasn't been progress at all. It's been more like 'heart transformation'...

Oh yes...God was rescuing Taizi.  He knows the difference...let me tell you.  He's at peace. He's not living in fear. He's not traumatized.  He's not afraid.

But He was rescuing more than Taizi.

He rescued us.  From who...? I'll suggest...from ourselves.  From our own selfishness.  From our own ideals.  From ... us. 

And He's doing a big thing in so many other hearts as well. Because of Taizi.  Amazing isn't it?

That a child so developmentally, mentally, physically...delayed.  Non verbal, non mobil, completely deaf...and challenged in so many ways...could truly impact so many.  Isn't that incredible...? (What in the world could YOU do...could YOU impact...with all you have been blessed with....? Food for thought..)

Today I received a message from someone I don't know well. But someone who knows us. And knows our story.  Someone who has followed our journey. I asked her for permission to post this here anonymously ... and she said yes.  The reason I wanted to post b/c it is truly one of many many similar messages we have received regarding the impact tiny, frail little Taizi has had on their hearts.  And it's constantly made Dean and I think about really...the bigger picture of rescuing Taizi.  

To each of you that have shared your hearts with us ... thank you.

Here is my friend's message:

I just wanted to send you a little note to tell you thank you for all your posts on Taizi. I have been enjoying hearing about your journey with adopting all your boys, but God is using Taizi's story to teach me about myself. 
From the time you picked him up from the orphanage, I have seen this parallel of God rescuing me and wanting great things for me, just like you do for Taizi. But even though I've been rescued, I sometimes live as if I was never rescued at all. I am happy to stay in my own familiar surroundings, and not step out. The muscles that we need to fully trust, step out in faith, show generosity, or compassionately love, are built slowly. They take time and practice to develop. God comes along side me and lovingly takes my hand to help me up, but I can be so stubborn and want to stay lying where I’m at. Thankfully, God has much bigger plans then what we can understand! 
When it comes to food, I am perfectly content to stay with my soft liquid diet of God's word, not realizing the many morsels I could enjoy, if I just gave up my bottle for a spoon and dug a little deeper. I want my old ways and God wants more for me. He sees the future and knows that life is far better outside of the "crib" that I am used too. It has brought me to tears to think how patient God has been with me. He has so much that he would love for me to learn, and so many ways to grow, but I am content to stare at a screen (Taizi likes ceilings) and be so busy with my life (Taizi likes his hands) and tune him out. 
I hope every once in a while he sees a glimmer of hope in me: a smile his way, a word spoken to him with sincerity, or just simply trusting his plan. He gave so much for me, and yet I am content to stay in my shell. Taizi is learning to walk, eat solid food, and trust his father. I am on the same journey. 
There are so many more parallels I have enjoyed, but this was supposed to be a ‘short’ note  I just wanted to thank you for what you have shared and tell you how much it has helped me. I know Taizi’s story has been one of rescue, but I am so grateful it is also one of growing and learning  You have such a very honest way of writing, and it has touched my heart more than you will know 


  1. Beautifully written... Have a blessed day!

  2. So sweet and so applicable to us all. May we all live to bring joy to our Father in Heaven today!