Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kids' perspective.

For a few years now our children have "prayed for Daisy".  On the left of the blog you'll see "pray for Daisy" blog. A young girl at 6y was diagnosed with cancer. Her Dad is a well known pastor of the Village Church in CA.  We have followed their heart wrenching journey of never giving up, never stop fighting, never ever ...ever get your eyes off Jesus...for a few years.  The kids have listened to me read blog posts about her...and faithfully for years...they have prayed for her daily at lunch time.  Just this morning Azlan prayed 'God, I pray for Daisy. Please heal her from cancer and make her ok".  Little did he know...God had answered that prayer once and for all.  Daisy was in the arms of her Savior already by the time Azlan had prayed that.

I found out this afternoon and I called the kids to my room where I was sitting on the couch with Izrael and Taizi.  They all stood in front of me and I had a lump in my throat.  Oh me...of little faith.  I said "I have some sad news for you guys today...I know you'll be really sad...Daisy died in the middle of the night last night".  Oh faces went serious, Azlan's jaw dropped in dramatic fashion and Tirzah spoke up and said "how awfully sad for her family...I cannot imagine that they lost their little girl...but oh Mommy...Daisy is with Jesus.  Can you believe it? She's seeing the castle that I can't wait to see. She's with Jesus and I bet she has seen Jesus' horse by now!" (Tirzah is in love w/ horses).  Immediately the sad faces all went to what they imagine she's seeing in Heaven.  It was such a beautiful thing to see.

Time and time again through their journey with their little girl with cancer...her parents have said they have felt the very presence of Jesus in their daily lives as never before through this horrible sad time.  Daisy absolutely loved and loves...Jesus.  She wanted everyone to know her Savior. The one who had taken away every sin of hers so she could be where she is right now...with Him.

As a heart sunk when I read the news.  Daisy is with Jesus tonight and life ... real Life...the life she was created for...has just begun.


  1. Thank you for posting the link to his message, Janice. We listened to it this morning before meeting. So real and raw and honest and it spoke…loudly. xo Carmel

  2. Beautiful! I'm in tears. Tirzah has the heart of be with Him, what Joy!

  3. Carmel~I was deeply moved as well. This hit me right where I needed it. I've been asking WHY for a quite a while about a certain thing in my life...and it was a burden lifted to realize I was asking the wrong question. Who? Changes everything! Rachael~ <3

  4. As a parent we can't go there in our minds - imagining losing one of our kids. Kids have such simple faith...beautiful faith....childlike faith. Sometimes I envy it!! Thanks for sharing.