Thursday, February 28, 2013


We are learning Taizi.

Not sure anyone else has ever taken the time to do this and it's some time...and some work.

So sleep update. He started doing strange things.  We would leave his room once he was fully asleep and about 10 minutes later we would hear hysterical laughing.  We would run upstairs to find a SLEEPING TAIZI laughing.  Then we'd leave once he'd stop and 10 minutes later WAILING. Not noise...SCREAMING.  So we'd run upstairs and same thing. He's sleeping but fully wailing.

Actually 2 nights ago he woke so many times in the night and did this over and over and over.  It was a very long night and in the morning the other kids said they heard it all :(

So.  I had an idea.

Since at most levels, he's like an infant. We tried something.  I swaddled him.   With a pacifier. And laid him on his belly on the couch beside me at 1pm.  His face was turned inward to the back of the couch.  In about 35 seconds he was asleep. Never ever ever ever ever has it happened like that. So I went to the kitchen and about 5 minutes later....uncontrollable laughing.  Eeerie laughing.  I walk over, he has not moved, he is sound asleep.  If you don't tap him...he fully wakes himself up. It's very strange.  So just to let him know I was there and that he needed to sleep I just tapped him on the bum (diaper, swaddled blanket on top of him) and he immediately stopped and went to sleep.  10 minutes later ... SCREAMING.  Same thing.  Then a third time...this time his eyes were WIdE OPEn and he was screaming/laughing and I thought it was too late he was looking wide awake. THis is the spot where if we are not there ... he fully wakes him self up.  So again I did the same thing and this time he went OUT. Snoring. Heavily.

This was so enlightening b/c I was fully witnessing it the entire time.

And once he's in that deep REM sleep he is OUT!

He slept for 1h40 minutes. Not as long as he needs but it was a good start.

Then at 9pm we did the same thing. On the couch beside us.  Same thing. He went to sleep very very quickly and three times woke either screaming or laughing. Same story. We got him to sleep and he started finally snoring. Then we carried him to bed and never heard a peep til morning.


I'll be completely honest...we aren't ruling out spiritual.  We pray over him when he does this.  It's like he's being tormented in his sleep and really is kind of creepy to see/hear.

Tomorrow is his eye appt in Seattle as well as his bone scan.  The kids are so excited you'd never know we have been to Seattle a million times already this month ;)

Zihao is learning a lot and talking more and more.

Yesterday while teaching the kids school, we heard Zihao say firmly "Izrael...NO NO! You say SORRY TO AHO!" and then we heard a meek Izrael reply "Sorry Aho" and away they went playing happily. We all laughed but it was very cute seeing though he hasn't yet SAID sorry, he knows he should and knows the meaning :)


  1. Interesting post... As I was reading it, I wondered about the possibility of a spiritual battle over Taizi and if you had considered it... then I got to that paragraph. Continuing to pray for you all.

  2. After the last two or three months that our family has experienced, I'm convinced that we are all in a spiritual battle. The devil is up to no.good. with our family and we have been battling on all fronts. It is sooo hard. I'm learning to trust and have faith ever so much more than I ever imagined. You are never far from my thoughts and I will definitely be praying for Taizi and you learn him even more. xoxo