Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I just so happened ;) to hear about an amazing moment and it was an accident that I heard.  

This is beautiful.

Today, mr Zunduka was grounded from the play set out doors for 2 days.  This is a big punishment and it was for something he does all the time. Well it seemed to be the right punishment since he took it pretty hard.  :(  

I noticed a lot of busy-ness in the backyard.  

I asked Tirzah what it was all about and she smiled and said "I really can't say" ;)  But then she needed to ask me for a cookie for the surprise so I found out. 

Zunduka was a little sad I was told about being grounded.  So he was playing by himself more today.  The other kids noticed this and decided to cheer him up with a Winnie - the Pooh style party.  He had no clue. I managed to get in there for pictures to capture the moment. What you can't see is the little hearts behind the pictures.  Really.  That they would think of him...though he was rightly punished for what he did ... and try to cheer him up with a party was really special.  

It was a moment.  

Don't blink!

The best sign ever! :)

The excitement building!

Rosy, dirty faces and all :)


A hat was placed on his head....

And a delivery of all their left over snack combined with a cookie :) (don't you love that Tirzah is wearing Azahria's coat...? :)


And Azlan made a mud cake for him!

It was...simply the best moment.  

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  1. How precious. Their hearts are a reflection of you and your husband... keep up the great work! How pleased God must be with your servant heart. :)