Friday, February 22, 2013

Random act of kindness~

Today I was tagged in photos on FB ... so I went to take a look.  A lady who owns an amazing business called Funkey Monkey had tagged me in a 3 piece set of a minky blanket that was personalized with a cross and "Sweet baby girl Walker...edd 7/3/2013" on it.  She had a matching hat and booties as well.

A few minutes later it arrived in the mail. I was seriously blown away.  I only know her from having her make a few pairs of pants for Taizi and Izrael's adorable coming home outfit!  She does amazing work and what I love about minky is that it never fades, never wears out! Those outfits were washed and dried so many times and you'd never know they were worn!!! I will definitely be buying this little princess' outfit from her this time!

Please. Go show her some love and check out stuff out! My fave are her minky booty pants (that you can personalize) with matching shirts / onsies and hair bows or headbands. The quality is outstanding and for a baby gift...the price is amazing as well!

Please tell her I sent you!   I'm still in shock that someone I don't even know would do this for our family!  Such a beautiful gift!


  1. This just made me smile. It's funny how God has his ways of so unexpectedly showing us his love. I hope it made your day :0)