Thursday, March 14, 2013

Faith like that.

We all have people in our lives that we look at ... and simply put... envy their faith. It's pure. Undefiled.  And we want that. 

I love with Britt Merrick recently said when talking about his precious little girl that was dying of her 4th (!) bout of cancer in just 3.5 years...he said "we all have doubts. That is what faith is. It requires a measure of doubt." If you could SEE would not be required...right? 

Yet there are some that seem to have no doubt. It's almost as if they can SEE it.

In my life...that's my child.  She's not perfect.  But her faith is bigger than her. And bigger than me. And bigger than my faith. 

She's 9.  Her name is Tirzah Liberty.

Today I overheard a conversation in the living room between Tirzah, Zunduka, Zion, Azlan and Chazano.  They were talking about the 3 men in Daniel thrown in the fiery furnace.  Tirzah turned to Duka and said "Duka...if you were told you had to bow down to another god or you'd be thrown into a fiery furnace....what would you do?"  Duka looked up at her, shrugged and said "oh I'd go in the furnace b/c God totally showed up in there with those men and I'm sure he'd do the same with me!"  Tirzah said "oh no...but they said 'even if He doesn't save us..' they were still willing to go even if God didn't save them." He looked a little shaken. She went on to say the most sincere way... "I would do it. I wouldn't bow to any other god because there's only one true God and He's my God.  I'd do it and even if He didn't save me like He did to those men...Jesus would be waiting on the other side for me.  I bet it would happen quick in that hot fire. Then I'd be instantly with Jesus..." and her face went off into that blissful look she gets when she thinks or talks about Heaven and Jesus.  I was rather speechless. 

See...I want a faith like that.  I want a faith that sees through even the worse case scenario...that the ending is always perfect.  When little Daisy Merrick died of cancer recently, Tirzah had tears in her eyes. She had prayed for her for over 2 years.  But quickly her mind went to Heaven. She kept saying "oh but she's with Jesus. Can you imagine Mommy? I can't believe she sees Him." 

I was just reading in Mark where Jesus rebuked the disciples for shooing the children away...and said "unless you become like little will never see the kingdom of Heaven". 

This world is so tainted by sin.  Christianity filled with doubts and the 'voice of reason'.  Faith takes more boldness and courage now...than ever before.  Faith isn't logical.  It is a leap.  It's a "I'll jump...catch me!".  It's the knowing that the ending is already in stone when our sins are forgiven. 

Faith like that.


  1. One word. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Janice, that Tirzah is so special (as you know!). Love the depth of her faith and the reminder that "the ending is always perfect." Thank you for sharing and encouraging. :)

  3. What a great big sister & example she is for her siblings! So sweet. :) It's amazing what we can lean from our children!! God bless.