Friday, March 22, 2013


Little Zihao (zee-how) has my heart.  Well...a piece of it.  :)  We were in the doc's office and I took out my phone to take a pic...and look at that little face.  

He loves to say "YAH".  Yesterday morning I went into his room and he was still sleeping. A few minutes later, I walk in and his bed is empty.  I see him stumbling getting his jammies off. I smiled and he said "gooooooood morning mommy".  Seriously.  Cutest thing ever. 

His birthday is in May.  I ask if he wants a truck party and he smiles "YAH~!" I ask if he wants a doggy party and he smiles and says "YAH!" :)  

He has cried every day at nap time. Even though it's Izrael's nap time at the same time so I make it fun for both of them, he cries. Well 2 days ago at lunch he brought his plate over (yes...our children do that! ;) and went up the stairs. I said "where you going?" and he smiled and said "Night night Mommy".  Nothing more thrilling in parenting than when your consistency pays off.  I gave him a big hug and said he was awesome.  He was beaming.  

He has a sparkle. And a light.  We love that.  Azlan has never walked since he was born. He skips.  He has too much joy to walk.  Azahria has never walked. She skips. JOY.  Izrael hops to the potty. It's the best.  And Zihao skips everywhere.  Makes my heart sing.  

Azahria Peace is turning 5.  Yes...5 in April.  And yet, I have cherished each of those five years.  She has been the most like her mama so far.  She sparkles and shines and if you give her direct eye contact, her lip will quiver and she freezes. her mama was.  Today she laid down on Mommy on the couch for a few minutes.  Tirzah ran and got a blanket and pillow for us.  

Dean won't be working until 9pm tonight.  That makes for a good Friday.  

Let your heart be full tonight with what God has given you.  Heart-full.

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