Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Medical update.

Taizi's cranio facial doctor just called.

She has the results from the bone scan (the scan that dates the bones based on growth plates in the hand).  She said this is the most accurate time to do the scan b/c of when the growth plates mature.  His were not yet developed, therefore dating him at 2y8months.  So if anything...showing him significantly delayed in bone growth since he is closer to 4yr according to his file.

She then talked about her plans for him and how our schedule is filling up again. It was funny b/c we haven't received calls for appts yet but they are all in the system. Well then :)   She said we have ENT end of March, MRI, ABR hearing test under sedation, neuro something appts and all the therapy appts all in early April.

She also sees Zihao for the first time March 18th and we will weigh Taizi again at that time to just keep a close eye on his weight.

She was clear to say that it is very rare that cranio hemi facial (which he and Azlan and Zihao have) carry a brain delay with the diagnosis but that Taizi's seems to 'manifest itself well' so we do want to do an MRI to see what's going on inside his brain to see if we can get a diagnosis.

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