Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Taizi Cardio appt

We had a cardio appt today for Taizi.

If you want to pretend you were with is how it went:

We walked in the door and Taizi went ballistic.  Screaming. giggling. screaming. giggling. thrashing in his stroller.  I'm getting good at this...I picked up a magazine ;)

We were called in and once in the office got him weighed. Not sure how accurate those scales are compared to Seattle's but it was similar to what we recorded in Seattle.  All this time Taizi is giggling til tears are coming down his face.  It's quite sad b/c he's not emotionally laughing. It's totally trauma and it's cry or laugh take your pick.

We had an echo done and it was done quickly.  Which was nice. I can hold his hands and feet but not his head as well.

The cardiologist came in and we talked about Taizi's history.  He said the echo shows the PDA is 100% closed. The left side of the heart is still very dialated or enlarged. He also said the heart is very weak. We had discussed this in Seattle and they were hoping by this follow up appt we'd see great improvement in the strength of the beats. We were told today that he's on the lowest end of normal and that's "iffy" and that he's actually below any normal range.

 The heart is large and very weak.

He put him on a medication to lower blood pressure so heart will have to work harder. We will follow up with another echo in 3 months.

He too, emphasized how significant this pda was and how very serious of a hole in his heart that he had.

And then with a laughing, shaking, hysterical Taizi...we left. :) And we never heard a peep in the van.  :)


  1. Wow. That sounds very draining to listen to/be around. Dear little Taizi...if only he could tell you what has gone on in his short little life and taumatized him so much. :(

  2. It is. Yet much of the time in his comfortable zone .. he plays quietly. The doctor appts are very draining. Unless you learn to pick up a magazine :)