Tuesday, March 26, 2013


On our family:

We had all dentist appts in the last week or so. Every child that had cavities filled last summer was 100% cavity free!! WOOHOO! Ok that really is a big deal. And makes me smile seeing as I've been hardcore I-refuse-to-miss-one-night-of-brushing-or-flossing-these-kids-teeth!!  And it's paid off! Yes they brush in the morning, I brush and floss them all at night. The dentist loves that. Tirzah however thinks it looks like an awful lot of work and may mean 9 kids is NOT going to happen for her ;)

Chazano somehow, someway got skipped last summer for fillings. So he had SEVEN done yesterday. Yes. 7. His teeth are so different from his twin brother, it's crazy.  Chazano's hold plaque really well, so well, that they were scraping chunks of it.  His teeth are also 'extremely groovy' according to the dentist, meaning they have very very deep grooves and stain easily.  Hopefully now that this is behind us we can keep him cavity free as well!

7 kids cavity free...? Pretty awesome! They were last at the dentist in July! (Our schedule seems a little crazy to do this every 6 months but we try ;)

I had my 26wk ob appt.  My doctor asked me how I feel and honestly...great.  I know what it's like to throw up around the clock with no relief and to not have that...? Amazing.  My ribs are out. Yes. Still. And the pain is almost unbearable and I don't say that lightly.  I have cried a few times this week b/c you would never know I'm in pain and then all of a sudden I reach my max of tolerance, cry, and get over it. :)  I told my ob, apart from my ribs...it's the fact that I feel 30-32 weeks pregnant. Being my 6th pregnancy...it's just weird.  She measured me and I measured 30cm, 30wks.  That's a full 4 weeks ahead of where I should be.

Again...the only time I've measured ahead is Azlan.  My doctor is fantastic...but a tad nonchalant.  She said "So...you have another cleft baby...you could totally handle it..." YES...but knowing during the pregnancy is a gift. She shrugged and smiled.  No no...I'd love to know.  She even suggested twins and said "you could handle that too" ya...maybe I could...but I'd like to know that as well :)  (by the way...it's not twins).

She scheduled an ultrasound for 28wks and with the coaching of 2 good friends who work in the ob world...I called the doctor today to request it earlier.

Tomorrow we leave at 4am for Seattle doctor appts. We do this in stride at this point...and we all look forward to it. Don't tell anyone....we are strange :)

And...to finish with the important stuff...our hearts are still broken.  So many of you have written us privately and we are so thankful for each of your thoughts. The best news is that many, many, many of you have been prompted by this story to stop waiting for the right time...and talk to that person in your life about what matters.

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