Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's just not about me.

Plain and simple.

I came to blog and once I read this...I realized I couldn't.

So everything I was going to update on ... is going to wait. Because this needs to be shared.

My last post was about Christina, but this is FROM her.

Please read her blog post and don't miss it...don't miss it.  There is real true life there and it's devastating to me when people can see this and not really see it.



  1. Your heart is beautiful, too, Janice. Thank you for continually sharing our God with the world, and presenting His PEACE,when as you say, it often feels like chaos.

    Blessings to Christina. May our mighty God continue to grant her peace, and bless her sweet family as they move through the weeks and months ahead.

    Your posts are always so touching, and are truly like opening a virtual gift... I love to read your posts, and thank you for sharing your beautiful family.