Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taizi has EYES!

Ok...in our family Azlan's 'ear' is something he attaches to a screw since his real ear doesn't function at all...for all purposes, the BAHA is his ear.

Well...after finding out Taizi is legally blind in his right eye...today was his first day wearing glasses...so he has EYES! :)

The kids were so excited.  We sat Taizi on a trunk in our kitchen and put his glasses on.  He flexed his hands like crazy, slapped his legs, and screamed like someone was torturing him.  He, however, did not reach for his glasses! And in between screams he would look around very intently! It was so cute seeing 8 other little children anxiously wait to see if he'd stop and appreciate his new EYES!  Well...he did not.  He screamed for what seemed like....ever.

Change and Taizi...woah.

We were told at Children's last week that "autism diagnosis won't be discussed til he's been home for 1 year...but he has all the symptoms". Good because we weren't asking for it and honestly...it's a little terrifying for me.  Yes...I know. His symptoms are pretty extreme...autism is nothing in the scheme of things.

Well we held him, walked with him, pointed at lights and did everything for about an hour.  Then gave him his milk...we sure tried but he was pretty intent on letting us know he was not happy and even if it did give him sight...it was much more important to let us know he was MAD :)

But. We have seen that if you stick to it...he caves. Relatively quickly. As long as your ear drums are not blown from his extremely loud screams.  :)  It was about 1.5 hours of him kicking his way through this change but we never took them off.  And ... then he sat there all day and played, ate, and explored with his new eyes!!!

His focus changed big time! He seemed more connected with us...(helps to see!) and with things.  We could totally see the difference.

The crazy part came later in the day. I was scrubbing bathrooms like a crazy (who needs nesting...this is my life!) and the kids were in the playroom. I had just left Taizi in the living room with his little pile of toys.  You have to understand he does the same thing every day.  Even when we put him in the playroom, he's usually unhappy b/c it's not "his norm".  The kids kept coming down and checking on him.

All of a sudden I hear "Mama...come quick you are not going to believe it!!!!!" and lo and behold Taizi was 2/3 of the way UP THE STAIRS!!!!  We all stood there clapping as Zion quickly went behind him in case he fell (which I highly doubt he would).  He was crawling but not on his knees, he was using hands and feet.

Why is this so amazing...? Because as PT said he shows zero initiative.  You can put his bottle on the coffee table and he will sit and stare at it for over an hour!  He wants it but not enough to get it.  Well....to show the desire to go upstairs where we were and to actually do it...was amazing!  We have no idea if it's related to seeing...or if that is purely coincidental but ... after 5 months it's a huge first!

He then came up and sat in the playroom and found toys to play with!

I texted Dean and he was blown away.

Here he is when Zion had just come behind him! Look at that determined look on his face...I still can't believe it...

And yes...he has bright blue glasses.  Glasses double as a fashion accessory in our house ;)

In other news...when we purchased the van last March we knew we would eventually need a second, smaller car.  We do a lot of running around...in a 15 passenger van.  And...since it's the only vehicle that fits our entire family, it makes it difficult if I have to take 2 or 3 kids to the dentist, etc, b/c then Dean is stuck home and can't leave.  We purchased the van March 2011 and we love it. 

We seem to be the ultimate ebay - vehicle purchasers.  This time, is no different.  I kept coming back to this one in particular b/c the listing was vague.  The car looked spotless and brand new.  So we contacted the seller and umm...the vehicle is loaded to the max.  Even customized options that he later added.  Seriously...he spent a lot of money on this car.  Crazy.  But he's selling it thousands under blue book value.  So we made the decision that this would be a great second car for us and if we decided to sell it in 2 years or so, we will likely sell it for close to what we paid for it as we did with our Suburban.    The car is in Phoenix.  A close friend and I were going to fly down together and drive home and that would have been such an amazing trip...but...the dates didn't work for her. So we found really low flights and surprised two of our children.  We wrote letters and placed them in our mail box, knowing that Tirzah and one of the other kids get the mail each day.  She came back soooo excited that there was a letter for her and Azahria!  It was a personal invitation for one amazing Daddy-date! ;)  It was so cute seeing their reactions! With $89 one way flights (taxes incl!!) they will make some amazing memories on their short little getaway with Daddy.  


  1. How exciting he climbed the stairs (and what that means!) Has he done something with initiative, like that, again?

  2. Yes! Almost non stop since. And...he also had a bad fall down the stairs. :( I was right there but it still felt like forever before I was able to catch him.